Best Dog Beds for Dachshunds Summary

Khaki-colored Snoozer Cozy Dachshunds Bed

Khaki-colored Snoozer Cozy Dachshunds Bed

Cozy cave-like snoozer dog bed with a sturdy build available in a variety of colors and sizes.  

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PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

Orthopedic dog bed with bolsters and low entrance made of high-quality and durable materials.

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Brindle Shredded Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed

Brindle Shredded Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed

Orthopedic mattress style dog bed with removable and machine-washable covers for simple maintenance. 

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Furhaven Orthopedic Round Dog Bed

Furhaven Orthopedic Round Dog Bed

Round bed with attached blanket, egg-crate orthopedic support foam, and comfy sleeping space.

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MIXJOY Comfortable Donut Cuddler

MIXJOY Comfortable Donut Cuddler

Ultra-soft, donut-style dog bed that is easy to clean, lightweight, and portable.

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Sheri Cozy Cuddler with Hooded Blanket

Sheri Cozy Cuddler with Hooded Blanket

Hooded bed with microfiber ideal for cuddling available in various colors and sizes. 

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Sheri Pet Throne Dog Bed

Sheri Pet Throne Dog Bed

Orthopedic bed that offers extra joint support and features high walls for a better calming effect. 

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Veehoo Elevated Dog Bed

Veehoo Elevated Dog Bed

Raised bed with breathable mesh and non-slip rubber feet suited for indoor and outdoor use.

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Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

Cozy and comfortable bed that supports better sleep and is designed for convenience.

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K&H Elevated Dog Bed

K&H Elevated Dog Bed

Elevated dog bed with removable bolsters, high-quality built, and breathable materials. 

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Our Top Pick 

best dog beds for dachshunds

Before diving into our informative buying guide, let’s briefly discuss our top pick from all the high quality Dachshunds beds on our list. The khaki-colored Snoozer Cozy Dachshunds bed is one of a kind. It is often called the nesting dog bed, it has the right mix of Sherpa fabric and cedar/poly mix for extra coziness to keep your pet warm throughout the year.

Additionally, it is an orthopedic bed that will improve your dog’s posture during sleep. It is machine washable, simply untangle the plastic rod at the opening, remove the filling from the base, unzip from the rear of the bed, it’s ready for washing. Easy peasy!

Why do Dachshunds Need Special Considerations?

dog beds for dachshunds

Dachshunds, nicknamed the sausage dog, is an easily identifiable cute dog. Long body, short stature, and floppy-like ear, this breed is more active than you can imagine.

They may need up to one hour of exercise every day that can be broken down into two sessions. However, they should not be exercised by climbing stairs, jumping, or leaping.  These exercises can cause hip, spinal, and back injuries. Dachshunds are better exercised by walking.

Similarly, Dachshunds can suffer from back injuries by climbing into a poor dog bed. A high dog bed, for instance, will wear their muscles, bones, and joints over time. As a result, you need to provide dog beds for dachshunds with the following considerations in mind.

Weight Support

Dachshunds have long spines and short extremities; thus, they are prone to arthritis and spinal problems. If your pet is overweight and sleeps in a poor dog bed, it will shorten its lifespan. 

A poor dog bed will increase pressure points on the joints, which increases the risk of intervertebral disc disease. The best dog beds for dachshunds will provide proper spine support and mitigate skeletal injuries.

Saves Space on Your Bed

Without a good quality bed for your dog, it might decide to take up available space beside you. For some, this might pose no problem; for others with sensitive skin allergies, your room needs to be free of fur and dander. Having your dog on the bed, therefore, becomes a bad idea.

To Avoid Injury

Having your Dachshund jump from sofas and beds can be harmful. Dachshunds are miniature in size, energetic, and often like to jump. Dachshunds jump on and off home furniture several times a day. This is an invitation to muscles, bones, and joints injuries.

What You Need in a Dog Bed for a Dachshunds

dachshunds dog beds


Dachshunds are energetic and fun-loving and might use the bed as a playground. As a result, you need to consider buying a bed that can withstand rough use and is easy to clean. The dachshund is small-sized and will not necessarily damage its bed like bigger breeds. Instead, buy a bed that is made from breathable materials and easy to clean.


Your dachshund bed should be clean; if not, you would be exposing your dog to skin diseases like Malassezia dermatitis. To prevent this, consider buying an easy-to-wash bed, preferably one that is machine washable and air dryable.

If your dachshund has long hair, you should look for a dog bed conducive to vacuuming. Some dachshund beds come with removable covers that are machine washable as well.

Non-Slip Bottom

Dachshunds are prone to back injuries because of their energetic nature. You should consider a bed that is suitable for their behavior and genetics. For this, it is recommended you go for a dog bed that has a non-slip bottom.

If your dog is very active on a tiled floor or hardwood, it will find comfort resting its paw on a secure bed. A non-slip bottom bed will also allow your dog to slip in and out of its bed easier. This will protect it against floor-sliding injuries and back injuries a playful Dachshund might encounter.


If your dachshund has movement disorders or joint pain that may affect its comfort, consider beds with a thick mattress or anything orthopedic. This will relieve the pressure on their joints while they rest. If your pet does not have any joint issues, a regular or plush stuffed bed will do fine.

Water Resistance

Dogs don’t usually urinate during bedtime except for those with urinary problems. When your dog has bladder issues, consider going for a waterproof bed dog fitted with an extra padded cover. This will form a protective lining on the main fabric and effectively soaks the urine.

Types of Dog Beds for Dachshunds


An orthopedic bed uses a mattress with extra foam and filling inside. It is quite different from other bed types because it helps relieve sore joints and does not strain painful pressure points. If you have a senior dachshund, an orthopedic bed is the best bet.


A covered dog bed comes with a canopy over the top. These beds will keep your dog warm by conserving the heat around while sleeping. They can also keep an anxious dog calm. Since dachshunds are small in size, they tend to suffer from anxiousness. As a result, covered beds are a popular choice among many dog owners. The canopy-like covering creates a safe haven for nervous dogs to retreat.


A sofa dog bed is a small couch for your pet. They are the popular bed of choice for dog owners looking to add aesthetics to their homes. These beds are not generally the most durable, but dogs who love attention will love being in them.


If you live in areas with negative temperatures, you need to help your dog stay warm at night or during rest. Low temperatures can trigger a host of health problems, so a heated bed will help keep your dog warm throughout the cold night.


Some dogs are hot sleepers, and if yours fall into this category, consider going for a cooling dog bed. These beds can feature heat-conducting materials in the design or be constructed like a hammock to ensure breathability under their bodies. If you notice you have a hot sleeper, protect your dogs from heatstroke with an elevated bed.


This is the most common type of dog bed. It is shaped like a regular pillow, usually rectangular in shape, filled with polyester or memory foam. If you like this design, ensure to go for a high quality bed that can support your dog’s needs.

Best Dog Beds for Dachshunds

Snoozer Cozy Cave Pet Bed

We kick off the best dog beds for dachshunds with our top pick, the Snoozer Cozy Dachshunds bed. This bed comes with a cotton/polyester exterior and a machine washable cover. The interior environment is made with Sherpa lining that is fortified with polyester/cedar filling. Your dachshund will have a comfortable sleep in it.

The exterior can be detached via its brass zipper for cleaning. It dries quickly and can withstand rough use. It is available in small, medium, and large sizes, perfect for dogs of all sizes.

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is a premium buy. It is an orthopedic dog bed with a waterproof cotton/polyester outer covering, which houses a water-resistant inner lining covering a high-quality memory foam. It comes with a non-skid bottom that will protect your dachshund safely against floor-sliding injuries.

This dog bed comes with a machine-washable removable cover. A solid 4-inch orthopedic memory foam devoid of ozone depleters. It can also house medium to large dogs of 100+ pounds of weight without breaking a sweat.

Brindle Shredded Memory Foam Dog Bed

This is a super-soft memory foam with a removable, washable cover. It is designed with a mattress core with a 3-inch-thick layer that exerts no pressure on joint pains. The shredded memory foam allows for better breathability, making for a comfortable sleeping surface. It is perfect for hot sleepers.

For easy maintenance, the soft micro-suede cover is removable, machine washable, and dries quickly. Simply unzip, remove the cover and wash. It comes in different sizes and a perfect fit for most generic dog crates.

Furhaven orthopedic round dog bed

This dog bed is made for cuddling. It is made for your furry friend that loves to burrow and cover itself in a soft and cozy hood. The interior is made with a faux lambswool lining; it is super-soft and gentle on paws and noses. While the exterior side is Faux suede, a comfy and healthy material for your little cutie.

The Furhaven orthopedic round dog bed will protect your dog from sore joints or back injuries. Because of its orthopedic egg-crate design, your dog will have deep restorative sleep while on it. Your dachshund, with its adorable cute body, will burrow into the snuggery with its head sticking out of the cozy hood, at peace with itself and the world. Super-comfy!

MIXJOY Comfortable Donut Cuddler

The MIXJOY Comfortable Donut Cuddler is not your regular orthopedic dog bed. It is a doughnut-shaped, self-warming, cozy, and plush resting space. In addition to this, the bed is entirely washable – pick up the whole bunch and throw it into your washing machine. This donut cuddler’s best feature is its approachability; it can be accessed from all angles and placed anywhere.

In addition to the above, it has a non skid bottom. It stays steady on your floor with no risk of sliding injury to your dachshund. Available in four solid colors, you will find something that will effortlessly complement your space. It is lightweight and portable and convenient to carry in the car.

Best Friends by Sheri Cozy Cuddler Luxury

Dog orthopedic beds are often recommended by veterinarians for senior dachshunds or those suffering from arthritis. If your dog fits into these categories, the Sheri Cozy Cuddler with Hooded Blanket might be what your little cutie needs.

Not only will the hooded blanket help your dog conserve body heat, but the extra filling in the donut bed will also relieve the pain from aching joints and sores. While the Sheri Cozy Cuddler might be large for your dachshund to stretch out in, the raised edges make it perfect for burrowing. When it gets dirty, pick it up and throw it into your washing machine. It is also dryer-safe.

Sheri Pet Throne Dog Bed

The Sheri Pet Throne Dog Bed lives to its name in its aesthetically pleasing appearance. It comes with generously filled high walls, a polyester/nylon exterior, and airloft virgin fibers, making for a mini pet throne.

This round orthopedic throne was specifically crafted to support young puppy joints and provide extra relief for tired, aging joints. The high wall-filling provides soothing comfort, and the fiber filling it contains will stay in place for a long time. This pet throne can be easily maintained; it can be vacuumed clean or thrown into a washing machine and dryer.

Veehoo Elevated Dog Bed

The Veehoo elevated dog bed is different from the above-reviewed units. It is constructed from a highly durable coated steel tube. The Textilene cover is water-resistant, breathable, and collapse-proof. This dog bed is also easy to assemble; you do not need special tools and skills to put it together. It is also fitted with non-skid legs to ensure it remains in place when your pet jumps in and out.

Wondering if the Textilene will change color over time? Well, it won’t. The fabric, apart from being waterproof, is heat-resistance, UV stabilized, and highly breathable. It is also easy to clean. This unit has a high load-bearing capacity and strong stability; there is no chance of a sudden bed collapse.

Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

Sheri offers you a super soft bed in a deep-dish shape surrounded by high walls to help your pet rest easy in a secure place. This beautiful dog bed can comfortably accommodate pets up to 25lbs. Rabbits, cats, and dogs can also use it, as the self-warming inner lining mimics the comfort of a mother’s fur, triggering better sleep, behavior, and health.

The overstuffed bolsters give extra cushion to the neck and back, making it perfect for senior dachshunds. With its innovative design, your dachshunds can sleep in any position. The base is waterproof and won’t make a mess of your floor.

KH Elevated Dog Bed

This is an elevated dog bed that will provide calming comfort and security for your pet with its sleeping position off the ground. This dog bed is made of bacteria, mildew, and water-resistant fabric that will last a long while. Assembly is super-easy, no need for special tools to set up.

The K&H Elevated Pet Bed is a classic dog cot hammock perfect for the warm months of spring and summer. It is perfect for all outdoor spaces and convenient to carry during travel and camping.

Our Final Thoughts

There you have it, our top ten best dog beds for dachshunds. Our top pick is the khaki-colored Snoozer Cozy Dachshunds bed.

Why? Because your dachshund can retire in it and comfortably have the doe hours she needs. Also, your cute dog can burrow into this cozy space instead of retiring beside you under your sheets.

Whether you prefer the Snoozer or the other beds on this list, keep in mind that the best dog bed for dachshunds is one low to the ground. This will prevent jumping in and out to save your furniture and your dog’s spine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best dog bed for a dachshund?

Dachshunds need about one hour of exercise daily divided into two sessions to prevent being overweight. They will not do well when subjected to a long period of physical activities such as leaping or jumping and will require plenty of time to recuperate.

The best bed for your dachshund is one with plenty of support to support its bones, muscles, and joints. This bed will also take the pressure off its short leg and back regularly.

What size bed does a dachshund need?

Getting the right bed size for your dog is unnegotiable. A properly sized bed will help it feel comfortable and snuggly. Note, a bigger bed is not more comfortable than a smaller one, as it won’t help your pet feel safe in its personal space. It has been documented when Dachshunds are in a sleeping position, they measure 4-6″.

What type of dog bed is best for dachshunds that chew a lot?

If your dachshund chews a lot, you should consider going for a  high quality dog bed that uses a removable cover or a poly canvas. Removable covers will prevent your pet from chewing through and reaching the foam padding beneath.

How expensive are dachshund’s beds?

Dachshund beds come in different types and sizes; the price tag varies. If you need a standard dog bed, you may need to pay only about $15-30. However, if you intend to buy an orthopedic dachshund bed, you may need to budget around $50-$100. Remember, the more features a bed has, the more the price.

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