What is the Best Costco Dog Bed?

Below is our best Costco dog beds summary with top picks and reviews.

Costco has a reputation for offering high-quality products at affordable prices. But some pet parents may not know that the company’s private Kirkland Signature brand line features a wide pet product range.

Kirkland dog beds come in 30 different styles to suit the unique needs of individual dogs. Keep reading to learn more about the best Costco dog beds that can help keep your pup comfortable.

What Should I Look for in a Costco Dog Bed?

Different dogs prefer different beds, depending on their size, breed, age, and health status.


Size is the first factor to consider before you shop for a new dog bed. The best way to select an accurately sized bed for your pup is to measure him while he is in a sleeping position. Simply add 8″ to 12″ to his final measurement to get the best dog bed length for his comfort.


Dog bed materials must be both comfortable and durable. Pups can damage the out cover by chewing and scratching.

Softer materials like fleece are cozy for pups who prefer more delicate sleeping surfaces but may not withstand abuse from destructive dogs. Suede, microfiber, and polyester may be better options for durability and washability.

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Types of filling in dog beds vary greatly depending on the amount of support a dog needs. Polyfill is soft and malleable, while foam provides a firmer feel.

Older dogs who suffer from arthritis require orthopedic dog beds that offer therapeutic support by reducing pressure points on aching joints.


Just like every pet product, beds can get filthy quickly. Removable covers enhance washability by allowing dog owners to wash mud and hair off dirty surfaces without cramming the entire bed in the washing machine.

Not all dog bed materials are machine washable, but some stain and rip-resistant fabrics do well with only hand washing.


If your pup likes to use his bed as a giant chew toy, you know how important durability is to a pet bed’s longevity. Chewing is incredibly destructive for fabric beds with foam filling. Sturdy elevated beds with canvas-like fabric and an aluminum frame are more suitable for heavy chewers.

Price Point

The countless styles of dog bed brands available on the market today also come at a wide range of price points. Traditionally, lower prices indicate lower quality material. But Kirkland brand dog beds offer an excellent value for their affordable price.

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Age Considerations

Your dog’s ideal type of bed will also change drastically throughout his life as he ages. Younger puppies need sturdier materials that stand up to chewing. Older dogs though will often need beds with unique orthopedic materials that help manage joint pain associated with osteoarthritis.

The Best Costco Dog Beds Reviewed

Here are the best Costco dog beds available in the Kirkland Signature pet line.

Kirkland Signature Dog Sofa Bed

This sofa bed features a solid orthopedic foam base topped by memory foam for optimal support. The upholstery-grade fabric provides maximum durability for long-term use. Most dogs find the filling incredibly comfortable and appreciate the security provided by the bolsters.

Kirkland Signature Orthopedic Bolster Bed With Cooling Foam

A top layer of cooler memory foam over an orthopedic base highlights this unique dog bed. The memory foam is also removable from the upholstery grade fabric cover for easy washing. Older furry dogs who overheat easily find this bed perfect for midday naps.

Kirkland Signature Rectangular Cuddler Dog Bed

High side and back bolsters cuddle your dog and give an enhanced sense of security in a den-like environment. This dog bed also features Kirkland’s signature orthopedic foam base and upholstery fabric. Plus, anxious dogs may feel calmer in a cuddler bed like this one.

Kirkland Signature Medium Bolster Dog Bed

A hybrid design includes two bolsters and two open sides for pups who like to stretch out with a headrest. The cover is removable and machine washable for convenience. Still, this dog bed’s foam base and fiber filling is perfect for pets who like soft a sleep surface.

Kirkland Signature Plaid Bolster Bed

This dog bed offers the same benefits as the medium bolster bed in an appealing plaid color. A fleece cover also enhances the comfort of this bed but may make cleaning more difficult. This bed is an excellent choice for younger dogs who like to stretch out and don’t need orthopedics.

Kirkland Signature 2 in 1 Rectangular Bed

This luxury dog bed includes a removable pillow to use for travel or as a crate mat. The sleeping surface is plush, and cooling gel memory foam eliminates pressure points. Dog owners love this bed for pups who may alternate sleeping inside and outside of a crate.

Molecule Air Engineered Dog Bed

Costco sells this advanced dog bed, but it is not part of the Kirkland Signature line. The 2-in-1 design has a reversible cushion with both cooling and cozy sides. Savvy pet parents will also appreciate additional thoughtful features like covered zippers and a grippy bottom.

Kirkland Signature Faux Leather Bolster Bed

The unique faux leather fabric of this dog bed blends well with existing furniture in your home. Unlike real leather though, the removable cover is durable and machine washable. The foam base is also perfect for dogs who like firmer bed filling.

Kirkland Signature Linen Rectangular Cuddler Bed

This dog bed’s light linen color may seem like a bad idea, but the removable cover and stain-resistant fabric ensure ease of care. The orthopedic foam base provides therapeutic support for older dogs. Small dogs also love the high cuddler sides for increased security.

Kirkland SIgnature Gray Cuddler Bed

An orthopedic foam base and foam filling work together to provide optimal comfort for pups who suffer from joint conditions. The upholstery grade fabric boasts an appealing gray design that hides minor stains between washes. This bed also has a den-like feel most dogs love.

Final Thoughts

Costco offers several high-quality dog beds at affordable prices that provide a comfortable and safe space where your furry best friend can sleep comfortably. 

Our dogs health and comfort are invaluable, but the budget-friendly price point of these dog beds make your pup’s best sleep even more accessible. Consider shopping at Costco the next time your dog needs a new favorite nap spot.

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