Be it work or travel; there are times when you can’t help leaving Fido on its lonesome. If you’ve been feeling guilty about leaving your furry best friend at home for any reason, we’ve got just the thing. 

Dog boarding centers and daycares are designed to help your canine stay occupied while you’re away. These organizations help your pet while the hours away with the help of toys, other canine companions, and qualified carers. 

If you’re looking for an exhaustive list of canine daycare and boarding centers, you’ve come to the right place. Stay with us as we walk you through some of the best dog carers in the business!

The Best Dog Daycares and Boarding Centers of 2022 

Alrighty, it’s about that time, folks. This section contains 13 of the best dog daycares and boarding centers of 2022, along with detailed descriptions of their services. All you need to do is scroll down and choose one that fits you and your fur baby’s needs the most. 


Dog parents can consider Dogtopia a one-stop shop for their canines’ needs. The company has more than 180 dog daycare centers throughout the United States and Canada. What’s more, Dogtopia believes in complete transparency and provides each canine a report card that lists out how your pup spent its time away from you. 

Now, let’s focus on the services the business provides. Dogtopia offers canine owners the convenience of daycare centers, boarding centers, and exclusive canine spa facilities.  

The company’s daycare is managed by certified canine coaches and includes pet-friendly cleaning supplies and floors designed to reduce the impact on your pet’s feet, hips, and joints. The facility consists of specific sound-proof areas for the more-nervous fur babies and separate HVACs to maintain air circulation and climate control. 

Dogtopia’s boarding centers don’t just offer boarding services, but they also offer days filled with playtime. Dogs are separated in playrooms according to size, play style, and temperament to ensure nothing untoward happens. Additionally, the canines are supervised at all times.

camp bow wow

Camp Bow Wow offers dog owners the convenience of 185 locations nationwide. Their services include daycares, boarding, walking, and grooming. And besides that, the company also offers in-home pet care for dog owners who’d rather their pets stay in the safety of their homes. 

The company’s daycare services offer exercise and socialization to ensure your pup doesn’t miss out on anything in your absence. The facilities include spacious play areas with human and animal interaction to help your canine stay busy and release its pent-up energy. 

The daycare facilities are monitored by certified camp counselors with extensive training in dog behavior, pet CPR, and first aid. Besides that, they make sure all canine campers present on the premises are neutered or spayed and are up-to-date on all their vaccinations. 

Dog parents heading out of town can rely on Camp Bow Wow’s boarding services, with benefits like individual cabins, comfortable cots, fleece blankets, and a campfire treat every night. The company also offers live webcam feeds so dog owners can always check in on how their fur baby is faring. 

d pet hotels

D Pet Hotels offer boarding, daycare, and grooming services in five locations across the United States. The enterprise believes in providing canines with every possible luxury and amenity available, and you only have to look at the benefits they offer to concur. 

For instance, the D Pet Hotel Doggie Daycare includes three fantastic dog parks that span the upper level of the hotel grounds. These parks are equipped with all the comforts large, medium, or small canines require for a fun-filled day. 

The daycare staff is always committed to maintaining hygiene levels with a high-end veterinary hospital cleaner, and there’s mood music to ensure your pets stay relaxed throughout their stay. 

Besides that, the daycare locations also offer state-of-the-art air conditioning with air exchange systems to combat contaminants. And the canines are monitored by qualified dog leaders at all times to ensure the security of every canine guest. 

The D Pet Hotel, for boarding purposes, takes canine luxury to new heights by offering pet parents the option to choose between standard, sensational, and capital suites. 

Standard suites include a Kuranda dog bed and a flat-screen TV, whereas the capital suite features modern decor, a queen bed,  and a flat-screen TV. 

pooch hotel

Coming up at number four on our list is Pooch Hotel. The enterprise provides multiple canine facilities, including boarding, daycares, training, etc. 

The daycare services at Pooch Hotel include a pool, spacious locations for dogs to run and play about, and qualified staff to watch over your canine every step of the way. 

They also offer additional amenities such as webcam feeds, easy access to fresh, clean drinking water, playground equipment, and nap or lunch assistance. Optional daycare services include spa treatments and dog training centered on positive reinforcement. 

Pooch Hotel’s boarding services offer pet parents the option to choose from three types of rooms, all equipped with necessary luxuries for doggy care. The boarding facility is staffed 24/7, which means your pet will never lack attention. 

k9 resorts

Pet parents looking for award-winning boarding and daycare facilities for their fur babies should look no further than K9 Resorts. 

With 12 current locations and over 53 total locations, K9 Resorts’ facilities have been rated the Top Pet Care Franchise in the Nation by the International Boarding & Pet Services Association. 

K9 Resorts’ boarding services include traditional compartments, executive rooms, and luxury suites, each offering its own list of benefits. 

The traditional compartments include Snyder Enclosures with rubber ‘comfort matt’ beddings. These are suitable for canines of all ages, especially dogs who like participating in rigorous playtime activities. 

On the other hand, executive rooms offer a 5×7′ cage-free space, equipped with Kuranda luxury dog bedding, glass privacy doors, top-quality meals, and enclosures by Snyder. 

wag hotels

Dog parents in California looking for daycare or boarding services should definitely take note of Wag Hotels. Available in nine different locations across the Golden State, Wag Hotels offer boarding, grooming, training, and daycare services. 

The business offers three different programs for canine owners interested in daycare assistance. 

The All Day Play Plus Program provides enrichment activities in a safe and clean social environment. It’s designed to help your pup enjoy the full daycare experience focusing on wellness, exercise, mental stimulation, and rest. 

However, parents who’d like their canines to have individual attention can opt for the One-On-One Program, which includes a trained caretaker looking after all your pet’s needs throughout its stay. 

Wag Hotel’s boarding services provide a safe and controlled environment for canines of all sizes. It offers services like private suites, 24/7 on-site staff, plush bedding and blankets, complimentary feedings, socialization, playtime, and much more. 

pet suites of america

Pet Suites of America is another worthy option for pet parents looking for boarding or daycare services. The company has facilities in 40 locations across the U.S and has been in the canine care business for more than two decades. 

Pet Suites provide grooming, training, puppy preschool, boarding, and daycare services for dogs. They work with a trusted team of professionals to offer memorable canine experiences and personalized service to meet the needs of every fur baby. 

The enterprise offers two types of canine suites under different programs:  bronze, silver, and gold. Luxury suites come equipped with raised beds, room service, potty walks, daily housekeeping, and a personal television. 

Pet Suite’s daycare options are designed to give your pet a fun-filled experience with playtime, exercise, large-open spaces, swimming, and other canine-related activities to help Fido while away the hours. 

pet palace

Pet Palace isn’t as widely available across the United States as some of the other daycares on this list. Still, it’s located in more than 11 locations in Columbia, West Chester, Indianapolis, and many others. 

Unlike other options on our list so far, Pet Palace only offers overnight and extended boarding services. Their facilities include villas and suites with proper heating and air conditioning to ensure your pup stays comfortable at all times. 

Pet Palace offers boarding spaces for canines of all sizes, and the rooms are all equipped with the required amenities, including quality bedding and housekeeping services. 

They also offer bathroom and exercise breaks throughout the day and playtime to keep boredom away. 

Another great about this boarding center is that the staff collects personalized information about your pet (such as feeding patterns or medical history) to replicate your pet’s daily activities as closely as possible. 

central bark

Central Bark offers a handful of doggy services, including daycare and boarding. They’ve been in business for several years now and are located across various states in the country. 

The company’s Enrichment Doggy Day Care Program is drafted to give your canine a place to learn and play in a safe and loving environment. The program’s primary focus is to improve your canine’s overall quality of life by introducing your pet to new skills to encourage your pup to grow more confident. 

Central Bark also offers boarding services in two packages: sleepover and stay-n-play. The former is specifically for canines enrolled in the company’s Enrichment Doggy Day Care Program, whereas the latter is meant for occasional boarding guests. 

camp run a mutt

Camp Run-A-Mutt has facilities in seven different states across the US, including California, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, etc. If you’re looking for a cage-free experience for your canine, then Run-A-Mutt might just suit your needs. 

The Camp offers cage-free daycare services with amenities like synthetic turf, splash ponds, waterfalls, ramps, dog houses, bridges, and much more. 

What’s more, canines get plenty of human interaction, thanks to the quality staff on surveillance duties and plenty of belly rubs. There’s also a continuous webcam feed that lets owners keep track of their pets no matter where they are. 

Folks interested in boarding services will be happy to learn that Camp Run-A-Mutt lets canines frolic with each other all day, only to retire to their private areas for chow-time and some well-earned rest. Since the boarding is cage-free, dogs are never left unattended and are looked after twenty-four hours a day. 

paradise 4 paws

Paradise for Paws doesn’t have an extensive reach (it’s only available in seven locations), but it still brings some excellent services to the table. The enterprise offers play programs for pups and teenage dogs, overnight accommodations, grooming, and of course, doggy daycare. 

Their boarding services consist of private suites, common lounges, and Top Dog Suites for canines looking for uber comfort. Overnight stay benefits include premium bedding, playtime in splash pools, and a separate play area for petite pooches. 

pet smart doggie day camp

We’ve all heard of the Pet Smart chain of pet superstores, but did you know they also run a doggy care camp? However, pet parents should note that the doggy day camp is available at select stores, so it’s best to do your research before you think of dropping off your pup. 

The Pet Smart Camp doesn’t just focus on keeping your pup busy. Instead, it’s designed to help give your pet the perfect daycare experience with fun, exercise, socialization, and routine. The camp is open seven days a week, and it kicks off at nine in the morning. 

13. Rover


At times, dog parents aren’t too comfortable leaving their pets in a facility and prefer something closer to home. If you’re the same, allow us to introduce you to the services offered by Rover. 

Rover allows you to get in touch with trusted sitters and walkers all across the country. Besides that, canine parents can choose the kind of service they require, be it walking, boarding, house sitting, daycare, etc. 


We might have reached the end of our boarding and daycare centers guide, but we hope all our readers are much better-informed than when we started! Leaving your pet behind is never easy, even if the center you choose is at the top of its game. 

We recommend all our readers research every option with due diligence and make a few trips to check out the space before committing. That way, you’ll be sure that your pet is in safe hands and have one less worry on your mind.