What is the Best Organic Cat Food?

Smalls Cat Food

Smalls Cat Food

This formula is healthy, convenient, and delicious, meaning it is well-accepted even by picky eaters.

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Castor & Pollux Organix Grain-Free

Castor & Pollux Organix Grain-Free

This organic wet cat food is grain-free and suitable for cats of all breeds and life stages.

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Purina Beyond High Protein Organic

Purina Beyond High Protein Organic

High in protein and antioxidants and can be used for cats of all breed sizes.

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Tender & True Organic Cat Food

Tender & True Organic Cat Food

Organic kibble with carefully selected ingredients suitable for cats with tummy issues and food allergies.

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Evanger's Organics Wet Cat Food

Evanger's Organics Wet Cat Food

Kosher-compliant wet cat food with organic ingredients that promotes urinary health in adult cats.

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What is Organic Cat Food?

Organic cat food is food made with organic ingredients – free from pesticides, fertilizers, artificial preservatives, antibiotics, and synthetic hormones. They must not be genetically modified (GMO) or irradiated.

Organic cat food is made following the same USDA guidelines as organic human food. The crops must be grown without fertilizers and pesticides, and the animals must be fed with organic feed.

As the Association of American Feed Control Officers (AAFCO) explains that “organic animal feed must meet the production and handling requirement of the USDA National Organic Program (NOP).

Is Organic Food Better for Cats?

Yes, organic food is better for cats.

Just like for humans, pesticides, artificial preservatives, antibiotics, and growth hormones can be harmful to cats. Organic pet food is free from these hazardous chemicals and therefore represents a safer food option.

The only downside of organic pet food is the cost. Organic production is more costly, which results in a more expensive end product.

What are the Benefits of Organic Cat Food?

From improved health to better nutrient profile – there are several benefits of organic cat food. If you are not sure why your cat needs an organic formula, take a look at these benefits:

  • Optimal Digestion. Long-term exposure to harsh chemicals (pesticides, preservatives) irritates the cat’s digestive system and impairs normal food digestion. Organic pet food has easily digestible ingredients that are gentle on the stomach.
  • Increased Energy. Digesting foods with chemicals and fillers is tough on the stomach and can make the cat lethargic. On the other hand, organic food is nutrient-dense and provides the cat with the much-needed energy for an active lifestyle.
  • Improved Health. According to petcarerx.com, “Organic food includes a higher percentage of healthy grains and proteins that are ideal for your pet’s overall health. The organic ingredients are easily digestible and are beneficial in improving your kitty’s immune system.”
  • No Animal By-Products. Organic foods do not contain by-products. This can mean a limited chance of negative food reactions brought by consistent ingestion of highly-processed meats, meat meals, and rendered animal products.

The Best Organic Cat Food Reviewed

There are different organic cat foods on Amazon and Chewy. To help pet owners find the perfect option for their cats, we have reviewed some of the best options on the market.

Smalls Cat Food

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Summary: Smalls is a subscription cat food service that offers raw and freeze-dried cat food. It is made with organic ingredients to make all-natural cat food. The ingredients are human-grade and carefully selected to meet the nutritional requirements of an obligate carnivore. Smalls offers an in-depth breakdown of its ingredients and preparation process on the official website. The diets come in three flavors – Bird, Cow, and Other Bird.

Type: Raw cat food and freeze-dried raw food

Best for: All life stages; Overall health

Price: $28.00-$120/month

  • Made from real meat for carnivores
  • Carefully crafted, complete & balanced recipes
  • Raw and freeze-dried to retain most of the nutrients
  • No artificial colors, artificial flavors, or fillers
  • Convenient subscription service with delivery
  • Expensive cat and kitten food
  • Is only available on their website

Ingredient Analysis: The high-quality ingredients in Smalls’s products are human-grade, organic, and raw. The recipes begin with meat as the first ingredient and use animal organs for vitamins and minerals. Some supplements are added for vitamins, such as folic acid, biotin, and vitamin B12.

Review: Many of the five-star reviews mention how happy their cat is with this food and how much they seem to enjoy eating it. The critical reviews, however, complained the frozen food was thawed when they received it and stated their cat wouldn’t eat it.

Castor & Pollux Organix Grain-Free Canned Cat Food

Summary: This canned food is made with organic, all-natural ingredients processed in the form of delicious and tender pate. The formula is free from artificial preservatives and other additives. This wet cat food comes in different flavors like Chicken Recipe, Turkey Recipe, and Chicken & Chicken Liver Recipe. The formula is suitable for cats of all breeds and is available in a case of 24 cans (with 3-ounce and 5.5-ounce cans).

Type: Wet cat food

Best for: Cats of all life stages; Hairball Control

Price: $1.52/can

  • Real meat is the first ingredient
  • Added fiber to control hairballs
  • Certified organic ingredients
  • Enriched with omega fatty acids
  • Available in two can sizes
  • Relatively expensive option
  • Often out of stock on Amazon & Chewy

Ingredient Analysis: All of the food products in this ingredient list are organic, from chicken to plant-based contents. Organic cranberries are added for antioxidants and urinary health, then organic flaxseed is included for fiber. It includes amino acid complexes and taurine to complete this nutrient-rich formula.

Review: With fewer than 400 reviews on Amazon, this is still a highly rated product. Nearly 75% of reviews are 5 stars. Their cats seem to enjoy the food, and the high-quality ingredients make their cats feel healthy and lively. However, negative reviews stem from Amazon’s lack of quality control in the product, with some customers even suspecting they received a different product entirely.

Purina Beyond High Protein Organic Dry Cat Food

Summary: This organic dry cat food is formulated to support overall health with all-natural and organic ingredients. With free-range chicken and superfoods like sweet potatoes and peas, the diet is suitable for adult cats of all breeds. It is rich in protein that supports strong and lean muscles and in antioxidants that boost the cat’s immune system. The kibble is available in two bad sizes (5- and 12-pound bags).

Type: Dry cat food

Best for: Adult cats; Overall Health

Price: $4.00/lb

  • Organic free-range chicken is the first ingredient
  • With sweet potatoes, eggs, and coconut oil
  • No pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, and growth hormones
  • Supports strong muscles and immune health
  • Affordable USDA organic cat food
  • Uses pea protein for added protein
  • Contains chicken meal and canola oil

Ingredient Analysis: The top protein sources are organic chicken, chicken meal, and organic dried egg. They use pea protein to boost the protein level a bit, but this is questionable as pea protein is a cheap plant ingredient in food meant for carnivores.

Review: The biggest complaint from the 140+ reviews was simply that the cat would not eat the food or would not eat a certain flavor of the food. The majority of five-star reviews make the claim that their cat loves it, and the cat owner enjoys knowing the cat is eating healthy.

Tender & True Organic Cat Food

Summary: This grain-free cat food features certified organic ingredients and organic cage-free chicken as ingredient number one. The chickens are raised humanely and free from antibiotics and growth hormones. The formula is perfect for cats with allergies, sensitive stomachs, and senior cats. However, as a complete and balanced food, it can be used for cats of all breeds and life stages. The diet comes in a 7-pound bag and is made without corn, wheat, or soy.

Type: Dry cat food

Best for: All life stages; Stomach issues & Allergies

Price: $3.57/lb

  • Cage-free chicken is the main ingredient
  • Corn, soy, wheat, and grain-free formula
  • Very rich in antioxidants and vitamins
  • Suitable for cats of all breeds and ages
  • Available at an affordable price
  • High in carbs
  • Several plant-based ingredients

Ingredient Analysis: The first two ingredients are animal-based, but nearly everything after that is plant-based. This indicates a high carbohydrate content which may be unsettling for some cat owners though it is fortified with vitamins and antioxidants.

Review: Many cat owners were pleased to find an organic cat food that their cats enjoy. Nearly all positive reviews state their cat loved the food while the critical voices were concerned about the carb content and the correlated development of bladder crystals shortly after introducing their cat to this food.

Evanger's Organics Wet Cat Food

Summary: This wet canned food is made with USDA organic ingredients and is Kosher compliant. It is specifically formulated to support urinary health in cats – prevent UTIs (urinary tract infections) and kidney crystals. The food comes in three flavor options, based on the main protein source that can be chicken, beef, or turkey. It is suitable for adult cats of all breeds. Plus, the food comes in an eco-friendly package (BPA-free steel cans with recycled printing paper).

Type: Wet cat food

Best for: Adult cats; Urinary Health

Price: $8.28/ounce

  • Grain-free and gluten-free formula
  • Prevents UTIs and kidney crystals
  • Great source of amino acids and vitamins
  • BPA-free steel cans and recycled print materials
  • Made in the USA with USDA organic ingredients
  • Relatively expensive price tag on Amazon
  • Higher calorie content than similar products

Ingredient Analysis: Organic chicken and organs are the first three ingredients which is a great sign of high-quality pet food. Water is second, indicating this is a great source of hydration for your cat. Taurine is high on the ingredient list for a robust amino acid profile, and it is finished with a healthy array of vitamin supplementation.

Review: Reviews of this organic cat food were mixed, with only 68% giving this a five-star rating. Those who rated it highly made statements like “this is the only food I will feed my cat” and were happy their cat was eating well. Many customers were upset after receiving only one can for the price of a case of other canned food, while others were put off by receiving damaged cans or rotten food.

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How do I Know if a Cat Food is Organic?

The easiest way is to look for a USDA Certified Organic label on the packaging. This is the only to know for sure that cat food is organic. The USDA has strict rules for what constitutes “organic” and does not put that label on things that are anything less.

If a label says “100% organic,” it must contain only organic ingredients. Labels that say “made with organic ingredients” must be at least 70% organic, and labels that simply say “organic” must have at least 95% organic ingredients.

Organic products are free of artificial preservatives, pesticides, growth hormones, and antibiotics.

Smalls Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food
  • Smalls Freeze-Dried Raw retains the nutritional benefits of a raw, high-protein diet.
  • Now available in 3 proteins (Bird, Other Bird, Water Bird).
  • Raw recipes that are freeze-dried for maximum crunch and convenience.
  • Get 5% off use code VETS5

What Should I Look for in Organic Cat Food?

When looking for organic cat food, there are several things to consider:

  • Organic Ingredients. As explained, not every bag of food with the label organic is 100% organic. Namely, some formulas are mixed, and others contain mostly but not exclusively organic ingredients.
  • Type of Food. Organic cat formulas come in different food types – kibble, wet, raw, freeze-dried, etc. It is important to choose the type that is most appealing to your cat. The food type should also be easy for you to use.
  • Protein Source. Same as with regular food, you need to consider the main protein source. For example, if your cat is sensitive to chicken, you should get a formula made with venison, fish, or beef.
  • Added Health-Boosters. It is also a good idea to check if the organic food features added nutrients like probiotics, prebiotics (dietary fiber), omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, etc.
  • Brand. Finally, research the food brand you are considering. Not all cat food brands offering organic formulas are of the same quality. To learn more about the brand, read reviews from other customers.

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