Best High Anxiety Dog Crates Summary

  • Best Overall High Anxiety Dog Crate: Otaid Heavy-Duty Indestructible Dog Crate
    Indestructible and reliable high anxiety dog crate available in different sizes and suited for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Most Heavy Duty High Anxiety Dog Crate: LEMBERI Heavy-Duty Indestructible Dog Crate
    Escape-proof and heavy-duty, high anxiety dog crate with lockable wheels, removable tray, and two doors.
  • Most Affordable High Anxiety Dog Crate: LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage
    Highly durable and functional high anxiety dog crate available in different colors and sizes and at an affordable price.
  • Most Aesthetic High Anxiety Dog Crate: petgroomingtable Heavy Duty Dog Crate
    Durable and aesthetically pleasing high anxiety dog crate with lockable wheels and two doors for easy use.
  • Best High Anxiety Dog Crate For Medium Dogs: ITORI Indestructible Heavy Duty Dog Crate
    Indestructible high anxiety dog crate with locking caster design and one-year warranty perfect for medium-sized dogs
  • Best High Anxiety Dog Crate For Giant Breed Dogs: SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Cage
    High anxiety dog crate with heavy-duty materials and escape-proof design that is ideal for large and giant dog breeds.
  • Furniture Style High Anxiety Dog Crate: New Age Pet EHHC103L EcoFlex Habitat-n-Home Inn Place Crate
    Elegant and aesthetic high anxiety dog crate that blends easily with the interior design and can be used as an end table.
Otaid Heavy Duty Indestructible Dog Crate
  • This is a very sturdy large dog cage, even for strong, powerful and aggressive dogs.
  • Four 360 degrees rolling casters allow you to easily move the kennel around your home,Two of the wheels can be locked to keep it firmly in place.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

What are High Anxiety Crates for?

What are High Anxiety Crates for

The high anxiety dog crate is a crate made to calm dogs down during times of distress such as loud noises, severe separation anxiety in dogs, and sickness.

The difference between high anxiety crates and regular crates is the structure or build. High anxiety crates are usually made from sturdy materials like reinforced steel to keep your dog contained at all times.

The high anxiety dog crate also tends to have a more closed structure to give your pooch a cave-like environment that is supposed to be comforting.

Is a Crate Good for an Anxious Dog?

Yes, a crate is good for an anxious dog. However, this is only true if the dog loves the crate. A crate can act as a sanctuary for your dog during difficult times. Dogs naturally love cave-like spaces, and a well-built crate can provide a similar feeling.

What are the Benefits of High Anxiety Dog Crates?

There are two main benefits of the high anxiety dog crate:

  • Calms Anxiety. Like we said before, the cave-like feeling in a crate can be quite soothing to a dog with anxiety. As long as your dog loves its crate, it will find relief in using the crate whenever it feels distraught.
  • Minimizes Destruction. Containing a dog, particularly in your absence, can help you protect your home from the rage of an anxious dog. If your dog is a chewer and is prone to destroying your property, keeping it in a sturdy crate is helpful.

The Best High Anxiety Dog Crates Reviewed

Here is our list of what we know to be the best dog crates for separation anxiety in dogs on the market.

Otaid Heavy Duty Indestructible Dog Crate

Summary: If you need a crate that ticks off all the boxes of a good high anxiety dog crate, it is certainly the Otaid crate. The frame of the crate is made from 20-gauge steel and reinforced 0.5-inch diameter steel tubes to give it a sturdy indestructible build. The strong build is not the only great thing about this crate. It has many other features that you and your dog will certainly enjoy.

  • The crate is collapsible for easy storage or transportation
  • Double door design (top and front door)
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Perfect for managing separation anxiety in dogs
  • Comes in two sizes and three colors
  • The crate is often out of stock due to its popularity

Review: Customers absolutely adore this crate. Owners with large, strong dogs like Pitbulls and German Shepherds all say the crate doesn’t barge even when the dogs try their best to escape. The easy assembly and maintenance are another plus pet parents get with this crate.

LEMBERI Heavy Duty Indestructible Dog Crate

Summary: A large, strong dog needs a crate with a sturdy heavy-duty design that is indestructible. This crate is made of 20-gauge steel and reinforced 0.5-inch-diameter steel tubes. It has strong welds to keep the joints intact and dual latches on the door to keep your dog from escaping.

  • Indestructible and heavy-duty dog crate
  • Safe, convenient, and simple design
  • Easy to assemble and move around
  • Removable tray you can pull out for cleaning
  • Comes in two different sizes
  • Available in only one color

Review: Some of the words pet owners use to describe this crate on Amazon include excellent investment, worth the money, sturdy, and escape-proof. One dog breeder swears by the sturdiness of the kennel and recommends it to all of his customers.

LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage

Summary: This pet crate is something that will last you a long period of time. The frame is made from industrial rust-resistant steel that is both indestructible and very durable. The slide-out tray at the bottom makes the clean-up very easy and quick. Finally, the double locking mechanism will keep your dog contained, even if it is an escape artist.

  • High-quality crate with double door
  • Removable tray for quick cleaning
  • Bottom wheels for portability
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Comes in three sizes and colors
  • No black option among the colors

Review: This crate is a massive hit among dog owners. One reviewer describes the crate as her saving grace, and another says her strong Pitbull is yet to find a way to break out of the crate. Most customers say the crate is well worth the money and would definitely recommend it to others.

petgroomingtable Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Summary: If you find the basic structure of a regular dog kennel boring, look no further than this pet kennel. Instead of a basic box shape, this crate is shaped like a small cute house with a pointy roof. The structure gives it a pleasing look that can easily blend in with your home decor. Unfortunately, the crate comes in one color and size, but it can easily accommodate a large dog. Another unique feature of this crate is its fairly enclosed walls. It gives your dog just the right amount of privacy while also allowing optimal airflow.

  • Unique and pleasing design with double door
  • Anti-escape locks for extra safety
  • The walls are fairly enclosed, giving a cozy feeling
  • Wheels at the bottom for easy moving
  • Comes partially assembled
  • Comes in one size and color

Review: Customers love how good this crate looks in their homes. Despite coming in only one size, it is able to occupy a wide variety of dog sizes. The sturdy build makes it a favorite among pet parents with destructive dogs that love to chew on their crates. Overall, this crate delivers on all the promises it makes to a dog owner.

ITORI Indestructible Heavy Duty Dog

Summary: This metal dog crate is sure to keep your dog contained at all times without a problem. It is excellent for medium-sized crate trained dogs and boasts many features, including a collapsible frame, caster wheels, a removable plastic tray, double door design, and many more. To top it all off, the crate comes with a feeding bowl you can hang on the frame for your dog’s mealtime.

  • Metal dog crate with a collapsible frame
  • Wheels at the bottom for transport
  • Double door design for easy entering
  • Easy to assemble and store
  • Available in two different sizes
  • Not suited for giant dog breeds

Review: The reviews of this crate are generally positive, with most dog owners pointing out how efficient the crate is at calming their dogs down. It is mostly a favorite among medium-sized dog owners with breeds like Golden Retrievers and Labradors. The build of the crate is truly sturdy, but owners with untrained big dogs say their dogs sometimes manage to damage the crate.

SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Cage

Summary: The Smonter crate is built to withstand any type of wear that your dog can cause. The crate is built with a sturdy alloy steel material to give it an indestructible heavy-duty structure. Two colors and three sizes are available, so no dog is left out when it comes to this crate. Other lovable features of the crate include a collapsible frame, wheels, double door design, and easy assembly.

  • High-quality material and heavy-duty design
  • Collapsible design with wheels at the bottom
  • Easy storage and transportation
  • Features double doors for simple use
  • Easy and hassle-free to assemble
  • Pricier than other options on this list

Review: Pet parents are generally pleased with this crate. They love that the crate is very sturdy and basically indestructible, and suitable for all types of dogs. Many parents reported that their dogs had managed to break through other crates, but this one is escape-proof.

New Age Pet EHHC103L EcoFlex Habitat n Home Inn Place Crate

Summary: This dog crate is for the pet parent who wants a safe haven for their dog but doesn’t want to compromise on aesthetics. The crate is made to resemble a beautiful end table instead of looking like a basic metal cage. It comes in five colors to suit every taste and preference. This crate would be best for medium-sized gentle dogs since it can get damaged by a very aggressive large dog.

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Doubles as an end table
  • Partially enclosed to give privacy
  • Quite sturdy for a plastic crate
  • Available in four sizes and five colors
  • High maintenance crate
  • Not suited for large, aggressive dogs
  • Cannot be used outdoors

Review: For dog owners with dogs that are gentle and crate-trained, this crate was a blessing to have. Dogs love the crate and spend long periods in it without any encouragement. Dog owners love that the crate feels like a part of their home decor rather than a stand-alone crate.

What Should I Look for in High Anxiety Dog Crates?

What Should I Look for in High Anxiety Dog Crates

When choosing a high anxiety dog crate, these are the main properties you should look for:

  • Durability. A good high anxiety crate must be built from a sturdy material, preferably metal or, more specifically, reinforced steel. A large dog can easily chew and tear through a flimsy wire crate when the anxiety kicks in.
  • Crate Size. A good crate must be the right size, not too small, not too big. A small crate is uncomfortable, and a very big one can worsen your dog’s anxiety. If you have a small dog that is still growing, you can purchase a large crate and use a divider to reduce the space inside.
  • Chewproof Material. Anxious dogs are known to be chewers, so it is imperative to opt for a strong material that can’t be penetrated by a dog’s teeth. You might not want to choose a designer wooden crate for an anxious dog.
  • Maintenance. Choose a crate you can easily keep in good shape. This means it must be easy to clean, repair, and find spare parts for. A removable tray at the bottom is always nice to have since anxious dogs are prone to urination and defecation accidents.
  • Closed Structure. If you want to mimic that cave-like feeling with a crate, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t choose an open crate. Find a crate with just enough ventilation to allow airflow but also enough privacy to feel comfortable for your dog.
  • Brand. Finally, pay attention to the brand’s reliability. In general, a trustworthy, reliable brand will display reviews from other previous customers. It will also offer money-back guarantees and warranties.

How can I Reduce My Dog’s Anxiety in His Crate?

Some of the ways you can use a crate to reduce dog anxiety include:

  • Crate Training. For a crate to be an enjoyable experience for a dog, she must first be able to tolerate it. You can utilize crate training techniques like desensitization and positive reinforcement to train your dog to love her crate.
  • Make the Crate Comfortable. Make the crate experience enjoyable for your dog by giving her her favorite dog treats and dog toys when she is inside. You can also add a cushion, dog bed, or mat to make the crate more attractive to stay in.
  • Don’t Make the Crate a Punishment. If you want your dog to grow to love its crate, don’t use it as a punishment when it does something wrong. This will teach the dog that its crate is a place of punishment rather than a safe place.
  • Get a New Crate. If your dog already dislikes her current crate, finding a new one that she has no negative feelings for may help her come around. In this case, you should get a different crate type and design.
  • Use the Crate While at Home. If you are using a dog crate for separation anxiety, start by letting your dog into the crate while you are home. This way, your dog won’t associate the dog with your departure and will tolerate it better when you are leaving.

Petlab Co. Calming Chew for Dogs
  • Supports calmness, composure, and relaxation in your dogs without causing drowsiness or lethargy
  • Helps alleviate occasional anxiety, nervousness, or even aggression
  • Made using high-quality ingredients from the US and prime locations worldwide

Can Crating a Dog Cause Anxiety?

Can Crating a Dog Cause Anxiety

Yes, dog crating can make a pet anxious. This is particularly true in cases when the crate is used incorrectly. For example, if using the crate as a punishment method.

However, if you train your dog to use its crate, it won’t be a problem and may, in fact, help to soothe the anxiety instead.

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