How Much Does it Cost to DNA Test Your Dog?

The cost of a dog DNA testing kit varies depending on what kind of kit you want, who makes it and how many tests they offer. Usually, prices range from $60 to $170.

With that being said, finding a free dog DNA test is convenient.

What can Free Dog DNA Tests Test for?

A free dog DNA test can be a great way to learn more about your pet, and it’s often the first step in determining your dog’s ancestry and potential behavior.

One limitation of the free dog DNA test is that it covers only a few out of the thousands of genetic markers that exist.

The more markers tested, the more accurate the results will be. Also, most free dog DNA test kits do not test for common health conditions like hip dysplasia in dogs or heart disease.

Embark DNA Test
  • Identifies your dog's breed and ancestry
  • Detects possible hereditary diseases
  • Provides insights to help improve dog care
  • Accurate and fast results in just 2-4 weeks

How Accurate are Free Dog DNA Tests?

The accuracy of a free dog DNA test depends on the quality of the testing company. But it’s hard to tell how good a company is because they don’t disclose their test results to sell their products.

It’s important to remember that the free dog DNA test is not 100% accurate – they estimate the likelihood and have a large margin of error. Some people do it for fun, just to learn about their dog’s potential heritage and history.

Free Dog DNA Tests Reviewed

Below are some of the best free dog DNA test kits available online. We discuss how they work and what they can tell you.

The Dog Key DNA Test

the dog key free dna test

The Dog Key DNA Test provides breed-specific results for one or more breeds and a breakdown of breeds that make up your dog’s genetic profile.

What is The Dog Key?

The Dog Key is a simple, convenient, and affordable way to help you understand your dog’s genetic heritage.

The Dog Key app analyzes the breed mix that makes up your dog and influences his behavior. Based on a proprietary algorithm, it estimates how much Great Pyrenees, Mastiff, Cocker Spaniel, Retriever, Poodle, German Shepherd, or any other mixed-breed dog your furry friend may have in him.

How Does The Dog Key Work?

On the Dog Key DNA Test page, select your dog’s weight, followed by the ear shape that best matches your dog’s breed.

Next, you will find descriptions like a large triangle, semi-erect, small triangle, etc., and choose one that closely matches your pooch ear shape.

Next is to select the tail shape, body shape, and coat length. Finally, click on see my results to reveal a list of possible results that describes your dog’s ancestry and behavior.

  • The test is convenient and quick
  • It is free
  • There are no needles involved
  • It can be used for any dog breed
  • It does not cover the whole genome and has no health screening test

The Dog Key Reviews:

Pet parents love this free test. They say it’s easy to use and provides fast results. They also like that the app lets them know their pet’s behaviors and breed characteristics without leaving the comfort of their home.

Dog Scanner Breed Identification

dog scanner breed identification

What is Dog Scanner?

A dog scanner can tell you about your dog’s breed and other important details, such as age and any potential health problems that may affect your pet.

How Does Dog Scanner Work?

The Dog Scanner is a device that helps dog owners identify a dog’s breed. It uses the principle of full spectrum analysis and a database of more than 2,000 dog photos to determine your dog’s breed.

The Dog Scanner is easy to use, and all you need to do is take a photo of your pet’s face (or any part of their body) and then upload it on their website.

Once uploaded, it will automatically process your photo and determine your pet’s breed.

  • It’s non-invasive
  • Two to four weeks for results
  • The test can be done anywhere
  • Easy and quick
  • Identifies over 370 different, including purebred dogs and mutts
  • Does not reveal any info on general wellness

Dog Scanner Reviews:

Pet owners love the Dog Scanner Breed Identification. They say it can tell you what kind of dog you have with the press of a button. The app is easy to use and works on iOS and Android devices. You simply hold the phone to your dog’s face and press “scan.”

What’s the Cheapest Dog DNA Test?

If you’re looking for general information about what your dog is mixed with, there are plenty of cheap options that won’t break the bank.

However, the price will be higher if you want to know the exact genetic makeup, what breeds are in your dog, and how much they influence your pet’s appearance and personality.

Here are some of the cheapest options for dog DNA testing:

Cheapest Dog DNA Test

At $66.44, the DNA My Dog breed identification kit is an inexpensive way to find out about your dog’s personality and heritable traits. Analyzing your dog’s DNA sample and comparing it with thousands of other dogs tells what kind of dog she is.

This test determines the breed(s) in your dog’s ancestry and provides insights into her personality traits (such as activity level or aggression). This information will help you understand how to care for your dog, what professional training she may need, and how well she will fit into your family.

The canine DNA test kit includes everything needed for collecting a cheek swab sample from your dog: a sterile swab and instructions on collecting DNA from the inside of his mouth using the swab.

Dog DNA Test Under $100

The Orivet Dog DNA Test Kit is another inexpensive way to learn about your dog’s ancestry and health. At just $99.95 on Amazon, this is one of the best Dog DNA Test Under $100 on Amazon. The test kit includes a swab to collect a sample of your dog’s DNA from inside their cheek.

Once the sample arrives at their laboratory, it will be analyzed and compared to thousands of other samples worldwide. This analysis will reveal the breed composition of your dog’s ancestry and give insights into any genetic health risks.

The Wisdom Panel Essentials Kit is a good choice for those who want to begin their search for a dog’s breed but don’t want to spend much money. The kit includes a swab collection kit (two swabs) and a DNA test that can be used on cats and dogs (the company also offers another version of this kit specifically designed for cats).

The wisdom panel premium test requires you to collect cells inside your pet’s cheek with the swabs included in the kit. After you’ve collected the cells, you’ll return them to the lab, where an experienced veterinary geneticist will analyze them. You’ll receive your results within 2-4 weeks.

Best Dog DNA Test

The Embark breed + health kit is a DNA test that tells you what breeds are in your pet’s DNA. The test also gives you insight into your dog’s health, including assessing the risk of developing serious genetic diseases such as cancer or hip dysplasia.

The test results come back with a report that includes your dog’s ancestry, breed breakdown, and health conditions. This information can help breeders better understand how well a dog may fit into any breeding program or help determine if there are any health concerns that you should watch for in the future. The Embark test kit costs $159, and a pack of two goes for $318.

Embark dog DNA test is considered the best dog DNA test because it is the most comprehensive one available today, covering over 185 breeds (purebreds and mutts) and over 220,000 genetic markers. It’s also one of the only tests with a detailed health test and family tree report. The DNA results take just 2-4 weeks.

Are Free Dog DNA Tests Worth it?

Yes, the free dog DNA test is worth it.

The free dog DNA test is a great way to determine your dog breed mix—however, there are some things to remember before you take the plunge and order one of these kits.

The first thing to consider is the accuracy of the genetic test. If your dog has an unusual coat color or pattern, you may not get an accurate result from a free test because it may not include all of the different genetic markers that are necessary for identification.

Another thing is that not all free DNA tests use the same technology or even measure the same markers. If you’re only interested in finding out what breeds make up your dog, then this shouldn’t matter too much.

But if you have specific questions about health issues or behaviors related to specific breeds, go for paid DNA test kits.

The bottom line is to go for a paid test if you want more accurate and comprehensive results.