This cute little designer pooch is a cross between a Toy Poodle and a Yorkshire Terrier. With heaps of personality, the Yorkie Poo thrives on human interaction. The perfect little companion for small families and apartment dwellers, these toy-sized dogs are loving, active, and fiercely loyal to their owners.

The Yorkie Poo is a smart, friendly little dog who loves to learn, which makes him very easy to train. Like most dogs, they love to please, and they’ll quickly become a treasured member of your family. And, they’re great with kids! Described as a ‘designer pooch with great qualities’, the Yorkie Poo is actually quite a new breed. In fact, they’ve only been around for the past ten years, so they’re still a novelty for many people.

Appearance and Personality of the Charming Little Yorkie Poo

The Yorkie Poo can be a mischievous little guy, but he’ll always win you over with his love and affection. But don’t be fooled by his size, because the Yorkie Poo is not afraid of threats – he’ll tackle anything!

A Loving Pooch—Yorkie Poo temperament

The Yorkie Poo breed has an affectionate and lively temperament and loves to be part of whatever his human is doing. He’s probably most happy when he’s receiving lots of attention because these little guys crave affection. Easy to house-train, the Yorkie Poo has a wonderful temperament, and they’re so easy to care for.

Similar Breeds to the Yorkie Poodle Mix

Yorkie Chihuahua Mix/Chorkie Dog

When you cross a Yorkshire Terrier with a Chihuahua you get a new breed – a Chorkie!

A Chorkie may be small in stature but he’s certainly not lacking in feistiness. Ranging in height from between 6 and 9 inches and weighing between 8 and 15 pounds, the Chorkie is a very brave little dog. He won’t back down from any perceived challenge, even if his opponent is much bigger. His inherent adventurous streak can get this cute little guy into a lot of trouble, if not checked.

Yorkie Pomeranian Mix

The careful crossing of Pomeranians with Yorkshire Terriers has produced the Yorkie Pom breed, also known as the Yoranian breed and the Porkie breed. The Yorkie Pom, with its sweet position and playful nature, will be happy to come with you wherever you go and will always love you to bits!

Pug Poodle Mix

The Pug Poodle mix is known by many names, including Pug-a-Poo and Pugadoodle. These lovable little people-friendly dogs live for around 12 to 14 years and weigh between 10 and 30 pounds. They’re easy to train and love being with children; however, they do need to live indoors and should be protected from rough play.

Pitbull Poodle Mix

Crossing a Pitbull with a Toy Poodle results in a Pit-Boodle; an enthusiastic, intelligent and loyal little dog. Your little Pitbull-Poodle-mix puppy will be extremely protective of his people and his turf, so it’s imperative that he be socialized. The great thing about Pit Boodles is that they often maintain a puppy-like demeanor throughout their entire life.

Terrier Poodle Mix

The Terrier-Miniature Poodle mix produces an extremely intelligent and fearless dog, and of course, they’re simply adorable. The Terripoo loves company and affection and is very easy to train. They also love physical activity, so keeping him fit and healthy will prevent other destructive activities. Terripoos are quite low-maintenance pets, but more than anything they need your love and affection.

They Don’t Get Too Big: Yorkie Poo Full Grown

Yorkie Poos were originally designed as companion pets for allergy sufferers, with the goal being to breed a dog who was intelligent and obedient.

Ranging from between 7 and 15 inches in height and weighing between 3 and 14 pounds, the Yorkipoo is too small to live outside and requires indoor living for both his emotional and physical well-being. Although not recommended for homes with very small children, the Yorkie is a loving and gentle dog.

A Pocket-Sized Pet: Teacup Yorkie Poo

Teacup puppies do require much love and attention. They require warmth and constant availability of food, and because their bones are so fragile they can’t be allowed to play rough or jump off furniture. Teacup puppies may only weigh between 3 and 4 pounds when fully grown. Surprisingly, Teacup Yorkie Poo puppies can be very stubborn, and be warned that they do love to bark – a lot!

However, these gentle little pets make great companions and they love to travel and be part of the action. Teacup Yorkipoo puppies are not really recommended for families with very small children.

Yorkie Poo Puppies Will Melt your Heart!

Yorkie Poo puppies are non-shedding, which is possibly one of their main attractions. They’re also hypoallergenic – another important attraction. They’re smart, easy to train, very portable, they love to cuddle, and they’re not very demanding. But, they’re also very energetic and love to play. Another bonus of Yorkipoo puppies is that they make excellent watchdogs, mostly because they think they’re bigger than they really are! Basically, Yorkie Poo puppies are simply adorable and almost impossible to resist.

7 Fun Facts About the Yorkie Poodle Mix

  1. Yorkie Poo puppies seem to stay puppies forever;
  2. They’re surprisingly high jumpers;
  3. For such a little dog they can be very stubborn and bossy;
  4. They make excellent watchdogs;
  5. Yorkie Poo puppies are well behaved and can be trained to stop barking;
  6. Sometimes your Yorkipoo puppy will believe it’s a cat, and will climb onto your shoulder and balance on the edges of furniture;
  7. Your Yorkie Poo dog can live between 12 and 15 years, which is longer than the average lifespan of many dogs.

The Yorkie Poo Lifespan

The Yorkipoo life expectancy is typically between 12-15 years; however, it does depend on any inherited health problems and the size of the dog. A healthy Yorkipoo can live well beyond 12 years.

They’re Quick Learners! Yorkie Poo Puppies are Highly Trainable

Yorkie Poos are typically quite intelligent and highly trainable. Always eager to please his owner, the Yorkipoo puppy will quickly learn basic demands and is happy to perform party tricks like dancing, playing dead, and crawling. In fact, these little dogs can become highly entertaining. With the ability to be competitive in dog sports, the Yorkie Poo puppy can also be trained as therapy dogs.

Are These Divas High Maintenance? Grooming Needs of The Yorkie Poodle Mix

Yorkie Poos require a monthly bath and conditioning to maintain healthy skin and a beautiful coat, and even though they’re low shedders, they require daily brushing to prevent matting and tangling. In addition, their ears should be checked for moisture retention every week.

Their fine silky hair will need to be trimmed, including hair on the face and ears, at least once a month. Ears should be checked and cleaned for wax and dirt, and hair around the eyes should be kept short.

Are Yorkies Hypoallergenic?

Depending on the genes of your Yorkie Poo’s parents, your dog may be hypoallergenic. It’s widely considered that Yorkie Poos are hypoallergenic, non-shedding dogs, and thus likely to be suited to homes of allergy sufferers.

Ready To Get Yourself A Pocket Pet? Yorkie Poo for Sale in the USA

If you’d love nothing more than your own little Yorkshire Terrier Poodle cross, the good news is that there are plenty of Yorkie-Poo dogs in the USA. Some are in need of adoption (you could even be lucky enough to find a free Yorkie in your Yorkie rescue mission!)

Yorkie Poo Puppies for Sale by Breeders

Realizing the popularity of Yorkshire Terrier Poodle cross puppies, breeders across the United States are increasing their stocks of Yorkie puppies for sale. This means that there are more and more Yorkie-Poo puppies for sale – good news for Yorkshire Terrier fans.

Save A Life and Adopt! Yorkie Poo Rescue

Any Yorkie Poo that’s adopted will require extensive socializing to avoid the anxious and aggressive behavior. Socialising should be with new people and other dogs, which will teach them to feel safe when you’re not around.

Things for adoptive or foster parents to remember are that, while Yorkipoos are affectionate and loving, they’re not for everyone. Although small, most Yorkie Poos think they’re Rottweilers! If you’d like to be a foster mom or adoptive parent to a Yorkie mix, keep the following in mind before you put in your adoption application:

  • Yorkipoos can be difficult to housebreak;
  • They may require extensive dental treatment;
  • They are prone to Legg-Calve-Perthes disease and von Willebrand’s disease;
  • They become very protective over one person;
  • They’re not suitable for small children;
  • They may bark a lot;
  • They need regular grooming.

They Can Be Expensive! The Price of a Yorkie Poo and Teacup Yorkie Poo

Yorkie Poos and Teacup Yorkie Poos vary a lot in price: you could pay anywhere between $800 and $10,000 for a pup.

A Yorkie with papers could cost between $1200 and $1500, with many breeders requesting a non-refundable deposit of $200 to $300 when applying.

Without papers, your pup could cost somewhere between $300 and $800. If you still can’t afford a Yorkipoo, consider rescuing one – you may find one from as little as $100 – or you could even be lucky enough to stumble upon free Yorkie Poo puppies.

Keep in mind that the price of Yorkie Poo puppies doesn’t include ongoing vet bills and other expenses.

Teacup Yorkies can cost between $2500 and $5000, so make sure you find a reputable breeder.

Tips for First-time Yorkipoo Owners!

Here are some valuable tips for first-time owners of Yorkie Poo puppies –

  • As a breed, they need lots of love;
  • They’re very fragile and can’t be squeezed or hugged too tight;
  • Yorkie-Poo puppies don’t like being alone; they want to be with their human all the time;
  • Do your research before buying a Yorkie and make sure you have the time to devote to your puppy;
  • It’s very important that you socialize your Yorkie puppy from a very young age;
  • Having a Yorkipoo puppy is like having a small child who needs to be around her mother;
  • They’re the perfect pet if you’re looking for a companion;
  • They’re a great dog if you have teenagers, but not recommended for small children;
  • They do have a mind of their own, so you’ll need a lot of patience!

The Yorkie Poo— They’re Simply Too Adorable to Resist!

Your Yorkie-Poo could become the best ‘significant other’ you could possibly have! To start with, your puppy will be hypoallergenic, so he won’t make you sick. He’ll become your devoted companion and love you unconditionally. He’ll listen to you, watch television with you, and curl up in bed with you. And, he’s an incredibly smart little dog.

What could be better than waking up to soft curly hair, floppy ears, and a loving look from your little Yorkie Poo?