What is Vets Preferred?

Vets Preferred is a pet health and wellness company that provides many pet products that treat common pet ailments. They use Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-certified products made in the USA and do not require a prescription. The goal of Vets Preferred is to create an easy place for pet parents to get prescription-level treatments at affordable prices.

You will see some of the best-selling and quality products that generally require a prescription available in an over-the-counter version. These medications come in soft chews, dog treats, and other forms and do things like eliminating pet odor and supporting a dog’s immune system. The pet food and dog food that Vets Preferred offers is limited only to chews that provide health benefits.

Best Seller
Advanced Milk Rx Supplement
9.4/10Our Score
  • Puppy Milk Replacement Formula Rich with essential proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Perfect for puppies who are not receiving the necessary nutrition that they need at their early stage of development.
  • Delicious and easy to digest. Contains critical digestive enzymes and immunoglobulin to help maintain a healthy digestive and immune system for your dog or puppy.
  • For Strong Bones and Healthy Teeth. Made with natural milk proteins and calcium to support a healthy development.
  • For all Breeds of Dogs and all Ages. his pet supplement is recommended for vulnerable dogs like puppies, birthing or lactating mothers, and senior dogs.
  • Premium Veterinarian Grade. Produced in a GMP-certified facility, to ensure optimum quality and safety.

Who Owns Vets Preferred?

Vet Preferred is owned by a group of passionate pet lovers who chose to invest in a pet health retailer to produce healthcare products for pets. The company was founded in 2016 and has a headquarters in League City, Texas, in the United States. It is owned by the company OnePet, which owns an umbrella of different pet brands that deliver high-quality wellness products and services to pet parents.

Where is Vets Preferred Made?

Vets, Preferred products are created in the Unties states using globally sourced ingredients. This company is headquartered in Texas, with different manufacturing facilities in the United States.

What does Vets Preferred Sell?

There are several types of products that Vets Preferred offers to pet owners and their furry family members. The pet supplies that Vets Preferred sells include:

  • Supplements: These supplements have various effects like immune system boosters, joint support, and gut health. They also provide products like milk supplements, calming chews, and probiotics,
  • Care Products: Advanced oral care, toothpaste, paw balm, indigestion relief, paw pads, ear wash, eye wash, and pet wash.
  • Training Aids: Bitter Spray

What Dog Products Does Vets Preferred Sell?

Vets Preferred mainly sells products meant for your doggy. Some of the doggy products that Vets preferred sells include:

What Dog Supplements does Vets Preferred Sell?

Vets Preferred Dog Probiotic Supplement

Dog Supplements are n excellent way to help your dog with issues like urinary tract infections, anxiety, immune system problems, and trouble sleeping in their dog beds. The dog supplements that Vets Preferred sells include:

  • Advanced Milk Rx Supplement: A delicious supplement that is enriched with colostrum. It supports strong bones and healthy teeth. The supplement is easy to use, is GMP-certified, and has veterinarian-grade ingredients.
  • Pre/Probiotics Supplement for Dogs: A healthy digestion solution that maintains gut flora and supports your dog’s immune system. It is administered orally once per day. This probiotic supplement for dogs can keep your dog clear of digestive problems.

What Dog Products are in the Vets Preferred Calm Line?

Sometimes your dog will get too nervous on their leashes and will need some calming down. The calm line of Vets Preferred products will help ease your dog’s anxiety and allow them to be happier. Some of the dog products in the Vets Preferred calm line include:

  • Hemp Soft Chew – Calm: A chewy treat that is rich with essential fatty acids that will allow a natural relaxation in your dog. The chew has mood-boosting properties that make it ideal to reduce aggression in a non-drowsy way.

What Eyes & Ears Products does Vets Preferred Sell?

Sometimes your puppy’s eyes and ears need some attention. Vets Preferred sells eyes & ears products for dogs in need. These products are listed below:

  • Advanced Ear Wash: This is a safe way to remove earwax buildup in your dog’s ear and reduce irritation and debris. It is 100% safe with no antibiotics or steroids.
  • Eye Wash for Dogs: This formula helps relieve your dog from red and runny eyes. It is an ideal product to keep your dog’s eyes healthy and clear.

What Gut Health Products Does Vets Preferred Sell?

Gut health is an integral part of a dog living a healthy life. Dogs can commonly have digestive problems or disorders. The products that Vets Preferred sells to promote gut health are listed below:

  • Premium Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil: An Omega-3 salmon oil solution that improves the clearness of your dog’s skin and coat. It helps with dry skin and shedding thanks to the Omega 3 and Omega 6 nutrients included.
  • Advanced Anti-Diarrhea: A formula that soothes your pet’s upset stomach and prevents diarrhea. The formula is fast-acting, so it can be used to soothe a dog in distress.
  • Pre/Probiotics Supplement for Dogs: This doggy supplement helps maintain and healthy intestinal tract and supports normal digestive function in your furry friends.

What Mobility Products Does Vets Preferred Sell?

Vets Preferred Calm Hemp Soft Chew

Some dogs will struggle with mobility as they age. Luckily Vets Preferred has some products that help with a dog’s mobility, which include:

  • Hemp Soft Chew – Mobility: This mobility-focused soft chew product reduces inflammation and joint tension in dogs. It uses glucosamine, chondroitin, and hemp extract to get your dog up and running again.

What Paws & Snout Products does Vets Preferred Sell?

Dogs’ paws and snouts can get worn during their daily activities. Vets Preferred sells products that help handle paw and snout issues, including:

  • Advanced Paw Pad Protection: A healing therapy balm that treats sensitive snouts and paws. It uses cold-pressed natural waxes and oils to soothe cracked paw pads and noses.

What Puppy Care Products Does Vets Preferred Sell?

Puppy care is an important consideration when raising your dog through its life cycle. These critical formative years can impact the longevity of your dog. Vets Preferred sells some puppy care products, which are listed below:

  • Advanced Milk Rx Supplement: For puppy’s, health is wealth. Introducing supplements to your dog’s early will ensure they have an excellent foundation to deal with any potential future health issues. It uses a Nutri-Vet formula that dogs will enjoy taking.
  • Hemp Soft Chew – Calm: Puppies can get anxiety from changes in their surroundings and tend to have higher energy levels that are hard to control. These chews will give your puppy a more mellow and balanced experience. You won’t have to worry about your puppy being stressed out in harnesses or running away from you when the harnesses come out for the daily walk.
  • Advanced Bitter Spray: This spray product is an excellent way to train your puppy when it misbehaves. You can use this to teach them the correct behavior that will allow them to succeed as pets.

What Skin & Coat Products does Vets Preferred Sell?

Scratchy and Irritated skin is a common affliction dog deal with. Vets Preferred has products that support healthy skin and coats, which include:

  • Advanced Paw Pad Protection: This paw balm will keep your dogs nose and paws from developing cracks and skin irritation.
  • Premium Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil: This fish oil uses a vet-designed formula that will support your dog in developing a shiny coat and clear skin.
  • 5-in1 Pet Wash: A shampoo and conditioner formula that eliminates the need to purchase multiple pet grooming products. It will clean your dog’s skin and detangle a messy mane. If you have a senior dog whose coat has become messy with time, it is a great way to give it a makeover.

What Training Aids Products Does Vets Preferred Sell?

Training is an essential part of owning a dog. Some of the training aids products that Vets Preferred sells include:

  • Advanced Bitter Spray: Pet owners will love this spray because it protects your furniture, rugs, and clothing from dog chewing and peeing.

What Oral Care Products Does Vets Preferred Sell?

Along with a great diet, you will want to provide your dog with proper oral care so they can keep chewing happily. Vets Preferred sells oral care products, which are listed below:

  • Advanced Oral Care: Is your dog struggling with bad breath? This oral care formula contains an oral care water additive that makes your dog’s mouth smell minty and fresh. It works magic on plaque and tartar too.
  • Advanced Enzymatic Toothpaste: A toothpaste that tastes like a treat for your dog. Thanks to this product, you will have less trouble getting your dog to sit still for tooth brushing. It has a peanut butter flavor which dogs love.

Does Vets Preferred Sell Cat Products?

No, Vets Preferred does not sell cat products. Their catalog primarily focuses on dog products like chewy supplements, paw pads, and others. Some of their supplement products are also safe for cats, but the majority of products are focused on helping dogs.

Is Vets Preferred a Good Brand?

cute dog put his face on his knees to the man and smiling

Yes, Vets Preferred is an excellent brand for dog owners who are looking for cheaper health solution alternatives to prescription medicine. Prescription medicine is expensive and requires a vet visit to obtain. If you use Vets Preferred, you can have a good stock of dog health products that you can use on the go. They are typically fast-acting products that many reviewers praise for their effectiveness.

Where can I Buy Vets Preferred?

Vets Preferred products are sold on their website. Some of the products are also sold on the Amazon store. If you are looking for a local store, their website has some listed in the FAQs section under their store locator. They offer an extra discount at checkout when you order through their official website.

Do Vets Recommend Vets Preferred Products?

Yes, Vets’ Preferred products come recommended by many different vets. One reason these products are vet recommended is that they contain GMP-certified ingredients that have been proven to help pets with their health issues.

Why choose Vets Preferred?

People will find there are many good reasons to choose Vets Preferred. Their products are wholly made in the United States, so you will be supporting a local company if you are a US resident. Another reason is that they specialize their products in pet health and are pet health-focused focused. They ensure that all of their products follow strict guidelines and that they are all approved by the GMP and FDA.

This company takes proactive steps to ensure all of its products are based on up-to-date information and have a high-quality standard.