What Are the Best Small Dog Strollers?

Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Lite Pet Stroller for Small Dogs
  • Easy-locking No-Zip entry
  • No struggling with zippers!
  • Panoramic view window with 3 position canopy
  • Large 6" wheels for easier strolling. Max. Capacity: 25 lbs
  • Front shock absorbers and convenient parent tray / cup holders

Can Baby Strollers Be Used for Small Dogs?

Yes, a baby stroller can be used as a small dog stroller.

Small dogs can fit into a range of baby and pet strollers. However, to make things convenient, most vets will recommend getting a stroller that especially caters to dogs.

You also need to make sure that the stroller has the ability to hold your dog’s weight. If your dog is not able to fit into the seating area of the stroller, you will need to ensure that your stroller is of the right dimensions.

So overall, yes, you can fit small dogs into baby strollers, but it is not recommended.

What Size Can Dogs Fit in a Small Dog Stroller?

Most small dog breeds can fit very well into a small dog stroller. Small breeds like Shiz Tsu, Pugs, Daschunds, and Chihuahua are considered small dogs because of their size.

Most strollers will be sold with weight and size recommendations that pet owners can use to get an idea if their dog will fit into them or not.

You can measure your dog using the following guidelines:

  • Length: The measurement from the tip of the nose to where the tail begins
  • Height: The measurement from the top of the head to the bottom of the foot in a sitting position
  • Width: The distance between the back feet

What Is the Purpose of a Small Dog Stroller?

Having a small dog stroller can have several advantages. These include:

  • Easy to Carry Around. While most pets are okay with a leash and dog collar, others prefer a stroller. This makes it ideal to carry them around in most circumstances.
  • Easy Vet Visits. If your dog is a fussy dog who does not like vet visits, a dog stroller can add excitement to the whole process. If your dog loves the outdoors, a stroller can be used to make vet visits a lot less challenging.
  • Better Bond. Since you will be carrying your dog around, it can help build trust between you and your dog. It can also ease your dog’s anxiety about going outdoors.
  • Perfect for Senior Dogs. Senior dogs find it difficult to move around a lot. Therefore, you can use a stroller and ensure that they are not missing out on all the adventures that you embark on.
  • Portability. Most strollers are portable and can be folded and stored in a convenient space. This makes the entire process of carrying your dog easier.

The Best Small Dog Strollers Reviewed

There are many dog strollers on the market, and finding the right one can be tricky. To make things easier, we have reviewed the best small dog stroller products.

Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Lite Pet Stroller for Small Dogs

Summary: Among the best dog strollers on the market, this Happy Trails Lite NO-ZIP stroller has really set the standard among Pet Gear. It features a no-zip design that reduces the hassle when trying to open or close the stroller.

This technology can give you access to your pet without any fumbling. It also features an elevated paw rest so that your pet can easily look out to observe the surroundings. The stroller also has a panoramic view window that allows your pet to remain safe inside while you stroll with them.

Features: No-Zip Entry

Dimension: 22″L x 10″W x 19″H

Weight Limit: 25 lbs

Material: Bolster Pad

  • Easy-locking no-zip entry
  • No struggling with zippers
  • Panoramic view window with 3-position canopy
  • Large 6" wheels for easier strolling
  • Front shock absorbers
  • Convenient parent tray/cup holders
  • The product might be difficult to wash
  • The stroller might not be very durable

Review: This pet carrier allows fresh air to enter the stroller and is made of a heavy-duty material that will last a long time. Pet owners give this small dog stroller 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Nova Microdermabrasion Foldable Four Wheels Carrier Strolling Cart for Dogs

Summary: This pet product folds up into a compact size for convenient storage and saving space and is easy to set up without any tools. It also features a breathable mesh cover that provides ventilation and excellent viewing for your pet.

It contains a waterproof Oxford cloth with a padded bottom that makes a comfortable dog carrier. Additionally, it also has dual cup holders and a center tray for small items. Overall, the product is water resistant and can also be used as a travel carrier.

Features: Stainless steel frame, rain cover

Dimension: 33.07″L x 17.51″W x 39.56″H

Weight Limit: 30 lbs

Material: Plastic and Oxford Cloth

  • Made from durable Oxford cloth
  • Water resistant and tough design
  • Features with zipper access in front and back
  • Promotes air flow for your dog’s comfort
  • Quick to set up without any tools
  • The rain cover might not be very durable
  • The mesh can tear with your pet’s claws

Review: This dog stroller is made of durable Oxford cloth, is water-resistant, has rubber wheels, and is tough enough to hold up to 30 lbs making it perfect for your fur baby. Pet owners give this small dog stroller 4.6 out of 5 stars.

BestPet Waterproof 3 Wheels Pet Stroller For Small Dogs

Summary: The pet stroller is convenient to carry and use anywhere whether at home or on vacation. This means it is easy to take from the car to the home to your favorite vacation spot. This pet stroller is made of high-quality waterproof cloth, so owners don’t have to worry about their pets getting wet.

There is a large-volume storage option under the basket, so there is enough storage space when you travel, go for shopping, or are strolling, with your loved pets. Plus, available at an affordable price, this is a cheap dog stroller.

Features: Waterproof, has a cup holder

Dimension: 29.5”L x 18.9”W x 11”H

Weight Limit: 11 lbs

Material: Fabric+Steel

  • Lightweight and collapsible
  • Features mesh windows
  • Contains extra storage
  • Features a cup holder for your coffee
  • The wheels have brakes for safety
  • The brakes might wear out with prolonged use
  • The weight capacity could have been better

Review: Durable mesh of this dog stroller provides airflow and visibility. Furthermore, the Oxford cloth of this pet stroller makes it tough and water-resistant. Pet owners give this small dog stroller 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Gen7Pets Shadow Regal Plus Pet Stroller

Summary: The Regal Plus Pet Stroller is the perfect combination of mobility and style for your pet. Your pet will love the comfortable, smooth ride. The front convertible wheel enables a full 360-degree swivel and locks for a full-featured on-the-go lifestyle.

The Smart-Canopy folds under the canopy hood avoiding cramping your pet’s space on a leisurely stroll. The Smart-Reach handle allows freedom of movement and is generous in space, allowing walking at any pace or stride. Works great for medium dogs and senior dogs.

Features: 5-point harness, adjustable canopy, great for rough terrain

Dimension: ‎36”L x 18”W x 40”H

Weight Limit: 25 lbs

Material: Nylon

  • Features front convertible wheel
  • Wheels undergo 360-degree swivel
  • Offers a generous riding area
  • Loaded with extra storage
  • Convenient to carry and use anywhere
  • The wheels could be difficult to clean
  • Cannot be used while jogging

Review: The Regal Plus Pet stroller is the perfect combination of style, price, features, and comfort for both your pet and you that has tons of great features like several storage areas. Pet owners give this small dog stroller 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Pet Gear No Assembly Compact Stroller for Small Dogs

Summary: Pet Gear strollers are a great way to take your pet with you on a long walk through the park, a walk around the block, or maybe even shopping at the mall. They safely contain and protect your pet wherever you go.

The Travel Lite Stroller has an easy quick-fold mechanism, front entry, top window and viewing area, and rear safety brakes. They can also work as joggers, thanks to their durability. This dog and cat stroller can be fixed to your car seat for added portability.

Features: Large 6″ wheels, spacious seating area

Dimension: 44”L x 10.5”W x 9.2”H

Weight Limit: 15 lbs

Material: Mesh

  • Large 6" wheels for easier strolling
  • Lightweight, fully assembled, and portable
  • Folds into an ultra-compact size in seconds
  • Stroller height to handle, a generous 38"
  • For pets up to 15 pounds; Mesh ventilation
  • The collapsible design might be difficult to carry around
  • The weight capacity could have been improved

Review: The Travel Lite Stroller has an easy quick-fold mechanism, a waterproof tray that removes for easy cleaning, front entry, top window and viewing area, and rear safety brakes. Pet owners give this small dog stroller 4.5 out of 5 stars.

What Should I Look for in a Small Dog Stroller?

When shopping for a small dog stroller, you should consider the following factors:

  • Durability. Before you buy a small dog stroller, make sure that the product is durable enough to last a long time. This can extend the life of the stroller and also build trust in your dog.
  • Added Features. Most strollers come with extra features such as safety tethers, shock absorbers, rain covers, etc. These improve the quality of your dog’s walk and make things convenient for pet owners.
  • Storage. It is handy to have some extra storage built into the stroller. You can then store your dog’s belongings, including water, garbage bags, and even some of their favorite treats.
  • Cost. Make sure that the stroller you purchase is not too expensive. While going for an expensive option might sound tempting, there are certainly cheaper brands that offer more features at a fraction of the price.
  • Visibility. Since your stroller is your dog’s time for an adventure, make sure that they can see their surroundings with high visibility. Having a mesh barrier can prevent them from escaping but still allow them to see everything.
  • Easy Maintenance. Finally, the stroller should be easy to clean in order to maintain hygiene. It should also be able to fold for easy storage.

How Do You Use a Dog Stroller for Small Dogs?

Training your dog to use the stroller can just be like crate training. Given below are the steps you can use to get your pet to use a small dog stroller:

  • Introduce the stroller to your dog using a happy voice to get them excited about it. Make sure that your dog is able to analyze the product by keeping it open.
  • Encourage your dog to enter the crate by dropping treats in and around the stroller. Slowly guide them into the stroller by making sure that you are always present during the situation.
  • If treats do not work, you can use your dog’s favorite toy to lead them into the stroller.
  • You can also add your dog’s food dish near the mouth of the stroller to make them more comfortable with its presence.
  • If your dog is not used to being alone and gets anxious, make sure that you are always present by offering them words of encouragement.
  • Finally, once in the stroller, you can add or remove a towel depending on how your dog reacts to the various sights and sounds of their environment.