Best Plastic Dog Pools Summary

Are Plastic Pools Good for Dogs?


Yes, plastic pools are good for dogs. Dog pet swimming pools can be made of different materials like PE (polyethylene), PP(polypropylene), and PVC (polyvinyl chloride). 

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is the most common type of plastic used in dog swimming pools because of how durable and flexible it is. 

While PVC is generally considered durable, it can also get damaged especially if it is thin and flimsy. It is important to look out for thicker durable PVC materials when choosing a pool. 

Hard plastic pools are another option for dog pools. However, these are higher maintenance in comparison. They require more space during storage and are much harder to carry, fill, and empty. 

Finally, they are prone to damage, especially if they are used by large breed dogs and keen chewers like Golden Retrievers, Great Danes, or Boxers.  

Are Inflatable Pools Good for Dogs?

No, inflatable pools aren’t good for dogs. Inflatable pools are usually made with thinner material compared to non-inflatable ones, which are usually made with thicker plastic. 

Dog’s nails can easily puncture an inflatable pool especially if it is inflated. Even with a dog’s nails trimmed, there is still a chance of damage from the short nails and sharp teeth

You can choose to patch up your inflatable pool every time your dog nicks it, but this can quickly get tiresome. Besides, the thinner material of inflatable pools isn’t the easiest to patch up, and not all come with repair patches. 

On top of their lack of durability, inflatable pools are also more difficult to maintain. They require more time to set up due to inflation. Not to mention how difficult it is to inflate a pool manually. Even if you were to choose a mechanical inflation device, it would add costs of electricity and the pump to maintenance. 

Emptying an inflatable pool is more difficult as most don’t have a drain plug in the wall. You would have to tip it over to get the water out or deflate it while the water is still in there.

Finally, the deflation process takes time as well. After a long day of fun and swimming, the last thing one would want to do is wait for a pool to deflate. 

Are Vinyl Pools Good for Dogs?

Yes, vinyl pools are good for dogs. Vinyl is one of the most durable types of plastic available. In fact, PVC is a type of vinyl. If you remember, the V in PVC stands for vinyl. 

There are other types of vinyl like PVF (polyvinyl fluoride) and PVAc (polyvinyl acetate). However, for making dog pools, PVC is by far the most popular. 

Most manufacturers use the terms PVC and vinyl interchangeably. If you find a pool described and vinyl, it is very likely to be PVC. You should, however, read the fine print to be sure. 

Are Kiddie Pools Good for Dogs?

No, kiddie pools aren’t good for dogs. Kiddie pools are made with less durable materials because they don’t anticipate heavy wear and tear. For this reason, putting your furry friend in a kiddie pool is very likely to result in damage from her nails. 

In many cases, plastic kiddie pools aren’t even durable when used by kids. In fact, many parents buy dog pools for their kids because of their durability. 

Kiddie pools have the benefit of being cheaper but will likely cost more in the long run with repair and replacements. 

If you already own a kid pool, it is worth giving a try at least until your dog actually damages it. However, if you are looking to purchase a pool for your dog, by all means, choose a dedicated dog pool. 

WANTRYAPET Foldable PVC Slip-Resistant Dog Pool
  • Made of High-grade PVC material and thickened MDF boards, which is sturdy to make your pet and kids safer while bathing or play.
  • The convenient fold-down design makes it simple to open and fold, space-saving for storage at home, easy to store and carry around.
  • No air pump needed. You only need to unfold the dog bath tub and fill it with water, and then you can shower your dog in the cool pool, with no air pump needed.

What are the Benefits of a Plastic Dog Pool?

  • Durability. With the right type and thickness of plastic, a dog pool can last years, even with constant use. Many dog owners report having used their plastic pools for many years without them giving out. 
  • Lightweight. Due to the lightweight nature of plastic, it is very convenient to move and even travel with. Portable pet pools can be as light as 6 lbs which is a very manageable weight for a swimming pool.
  • Easy storage. Flexible plastic allows folding, which contracts the pool for storage. A foldable dog pool doesn’t need a large dedicated space and can easily fit in a drawer or a shelf. 
  • Affordable. One of the most compelling properties of plastic is how cost-effective it is to make. You can purchase a reasonably good plastic dog pool for under $20, which compared to building a pool is a bargain. 
  • Size. Because of how versatile plastic is, there are plenty of size options for different-sized dogs. Sizes range from small pools for toy and small dogs to very large dog pools for kids and large dogs. 
  • Easy setup and breakdown. Plastic doggy pools are quick and easy to set up and put away. Collapsible pools can take as little as five minutes to put up and put away. 
  • Easy maintenance. The waterproof nature of plastic makes it very easy to clean. All one has to do is hose the pool down after use. For more stubborn dirt, scrubbing and wiping with some soap should do the trick.
  • Other uses. Plastic pools can work for other activities other than swimming. For example, they can be used as ball pits, dog bathing tubs, or washtubs. 

The Best Plastic Dog Pools Reviewed 

The modern pet market offers an array of plastic dog pools. Before clicking checkout, consider the following options we chose as best on the market. 


Summary: This wading pool from Wantryapet is excellent for both small and large dogs since it has three sizes available. The pool is made from strong, durable PVC with sturdy fiberboard walls to ensure maximum durability. It is foldable and comes with a carry bag for easy storage and travel. 


  • It is foldable and comes with a carry bag for easy storage and travel
  • Comes in three sizes: small, medium, and extra-large
  • Slip-resistant floor 
  • Has a drainage plug for easy emptying 


  • Size inconsistency (small dogs need a medium pool) 

Review: Customers say that the Wantryapet is a wonderful portable dog pool. They love how roomy the pool is despite requiring very little space during storage. 


Summary: This collapsible dog pool is very portable and is especially great for parents on the move. The pool is made from durable PVC material, and the walls are made with fiberboard for maximum sturdiness. 


  • It is foldable for easy storage
  • Comes in four sizes (medium, large, extra-large, and extra-extra-large)
  • Drainage plug for easy emptying


  • The very large size is often out of stock 

Review: Amazon reviews say that it works well as an outdoor pool. Customers highly recommend the pool to others because of how easy it is to use and maintain. 

How to Choose the Best Plastic Dog Pool?


When choosing a plastic dog pool, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Material. Not all types of plastic are durable. Ensure that you are getting the best kind which in most cases is PVC. The plastic should be thick to minimize the risk of your dog damaging it. 
  • Non-slip floor. The best dog pools should have slip-resistant floors to protect your dog from falls. Shallow pools, sometimes called water pond pools, present a very high risk for falling since the feet are always on the wet slippery floor. 
  • Should be foldable. A foldable pet swimming pool is more convenient because it is easier to store. Non-foldable hard plastic pools require more space for storage. Being foldable also makes the pool portable. 
  • Size. Be sure to get the right size pool for your dog. Large dogs require large size pools for maximum comfort while swimming. The intended use of the pool also determines the size. Play pools for dogs and kids should be larger to allow room for all the games and fun.  
  • Price. There is no need to splurge on a dog swimming pool if you are not in the position to. Luckily, even the best dog pools are fairly priced. When choosing a pool, go with the one that is the best price for you but still delivers strongly on the quality. A cheap, low-quality pool may cost less now, but it will cost more in the long run.