If you’re a tech junkie, then you likely have an app for just about everything. Now, with the advent of pet tech products, you can have an app for your pet too, or two or three. From apps and devices that let you check in on your pet while you’re at work to the ultimate in pet exercise equipment, you can find quite a bit of tech that will help your pet live a happier and healthier life. Some of these items are designed for safety and health, while others are just plain fun, but here are the top pet tech options this year. Consider adding some to your arsenal of pet tech products to take your enjoyment of your cat or dog to the next level!

1. PitPat

In a perfect pet world, we would be able to stay with our dogs all day, ensuring they’re getting enough exercise and enough rest. But when work and other responsibilities regularly lake us from our pets, how can you be sure your pet is getting the right amount of exercise and rest? PitPat helps. Cool pet inventions like these are basically pet activity trackers that connect to your dog’s collar and monitors like a FitBit. It sends the information to your smartphone, so you can see what your dog is doing throughout the day. Pro-Tip: Remember that adult dogs need 12 to 14 hours of sleep a day.

2. FitBark

FitBark takes the idea of a pet tech and an activity tracker to the next level. If you’ve owned dogs for long, then you know some breeds need more activity than others. FitBark focuses on health as well as activity, comparing your dog to others of similar breed type. If your vet’s tech-savvy, you can allow him to connect ot the FitBark profile for your dog to keep tabs on how your dog’s health is doing. Pro-Tip: Comparison information can help you know if your dog is healthy for his age, breed, and size.

3. Petzi

If you miss your pet terribly when you’re away, Petzi can help. This webcam for pets allows you to speak to your pet and see live video while you’re gone. It’s treat dispensing feature means pets will be drawn to it. They’ll hear your voice and receive a treat when interacting with the webcam. It’s even equipped with night vision, and you can connect to the Petzi Social Network to share images of your furry friend. Warning: Be careful! You just might spend more time playing with your pet than working!

4. Eyenimal Cat Videocam

Though designed for cats, the Eyenimal Cat Videocam works for both cats and dogs. This camera clips to the collar and has a three hour batter life. It weighs only 9 grams, so it’s perfectly safe for your pet to wear. If you let your pet roam, you now have a tool to know exactly what they’re up to! Get a pet’s eye view of outdoor adventures with this fun invention! Pro-Tip: Use the Eyeminal Cat Videocam for a few days to get a feel for your pet’s adventures!

5. iFetch

Some dogs have a crazy play drive. If your throwing arm is getting tired after hours of fetch, consider the iFetch. This automatic ball launcher is easy for your pet to learn, and it provides hours of fun as it launches ball after ball for them to retrieve. You can leave it running while you’re at work for instant engagement with your pet. Pro-Tip: Teach your dog to put the ball back in the iFetch, and sit back and relax while he plays on his own!

6. easyPlay

With easyPlay, you an give your dog a durable, treat-dispensing plaything while you’re gone. An app allows you to move the easyPlay ball around your home to keep your dog engaged, and you can watch live feeds of his play. Dispense treats when you want to keep your pet engaged and occupied. This is one of the few pet tech items designed for play. Pro-Tip: This toy works for breeds of all sizes and is durable enough for large breed dogs.

7. FroliCat Bolt

Have you ever watched your cat try to catch the dot from a laser pointer? This is highly entertaining, but it’s also highly stimulating for your cat. Pet inventions like the FroliCat Bolt points a laser for your cat to run and chance when you aren’t there. It can move the beam so that it moves along the floor, furniture, and walls. While designed for cats, some dogs find this engaging as well. Warning: Remove fragile items from the room before letting the Bolt free, because your cat is going to run and pounce!

8. Leuchtie Plus

If you have a dark colored dog, you know how easy it is to lose your pet in the dark. All it takes is one time when your dog bolts after the sun has set for you to be panicked. The Leutchtie Plus is an LED collar that is easy to attach. The lightweight collar makes your dog instantly visible after dark, so you can find him even in those times when he otherwise would be difficult to see. Pro-Tip: Always use a light-up collar when walkign with your dog near dusk or after dark.

9. Tabcat

Does your cat regularly get away from you? Useful pet innovations such as the Tabcat allow you to keep tabs on her. Weighing just 6 grams, you attach the tracker to your cat’s collar, and then you can find her easily whenever you need to. A color-coded light system tells you when you are near your cat’s location, and also allows you to train your cat to come home using a recall system. Pro-Tip: Some cats are difficult to train for recall, but the Tabcat can still be helpful in finding those who tend to hide or wander.

10. ProFlight Pathera Cat Drone

Why wave toys for your pet when you can fly them with a drone? Among the high tech pet products available today is thPathera Cat Drone which is cheaper than you might think, and it allows you to dangle a mouse, fish, or feather for your cat to play. It has a built-in camera, so you can watch the action. The safety features including avoidance system and auto altitude, help protect you from flying the drone into your cat or surroundings. Pro-Tip: The Proflight Pathera Cat Drone is quite safe to be used indoors, so have fun!

11. Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Microchipping is great when your dog runs away, but it won’t help you get them back right away. The Whistle GPS Pet Tracker can help. Simply attach this device to your dog’s collar, then see where they are in real time. You can also set up the system to provide alerts if your dog leaves a designated area, and use the companion app to track your pet’s location. You can also set it up for health alerts! Pro-Tip: Set up the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker to provide alerts for medication!

12. Mattel Puppy Tweets

Did you ever wonder what you’re pet’s really thinking? Mattel Puppy Tweets is among the pet innovations that lets you know. This fun toy clips to your dog’s collar. When your dog is active or barking, it triggers an automatic post to your Twitter account. But don’t worry. The tweets are all fictitious. If you see “Help, my nose is stuck in the bird feeder,” it’s not really a problem. It’s just a quirky and fun toy! Warning: If you’re not careful, your dog might blow up your Twitter feed!

13. Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder

Watch your pet and feed them meals when you can’t be at home with the Feed and GO Smart Pet Feeder. Simply connect the device to your phone or computer, load it up with food, treats, or medicine, and schedule feedings when you can’t be home to dispense them. To make sure your pet knows the food is there, record a personal voice message. An included app lets you monitor your pet’s diet over time. This is one of the most useful and cool gadgets for pets out there! Pro-Tip: The device stores scheduled feeds internally, so it works even if the WiFi goes out.

14. GoPro Fetch

A lot of pet gadgets here are very useful. Check out the GoPro Fetch which takes the concept of the GoPro and makes it dog-sized. The waterproof and padded GoPro harness connects to your dog and mounts the camera on her chest or back. You’ll get a dog’s-eye view of whatever happens during the day, and suddenly you’ll understand why the world seems to be such a joyful place for your pup. Pro-Tip: The GoPro Fetch is a fully adjustable harness, so you can adjust it to fit dogs of all sizes.

15. Pet Cube

Keep your pet company when you’re at work with the Pet Cube. This interactive WiFi pet camera lets you hear your dog and talk to him with a two-way audio program. A built-in laser toy provides remote play opportunities, and also allows you to take videos and images of your pet while you’re away. Warning: Don’t overwhelm your friends and family with unsolicited videos of your dog or cat! Instead, consider setting up a YouTube channel or using social media to post the adorable antics you collect.

16. Pet Chatz

Pet Chatz is among the high tech pet products available today. It’s like Skype with treats for your pet. Use the app on your smartphone to call your dog to the device, using a special ring tone to let them now it’s you. When they come to the call, you can dispense a treat to reward them, and then you can videochat with your pet. The two-way video means your pet can see you as well as hear you, and you can get alerts to problems like rough play or thunderstorms through the device. Pro-Tip: The Paw Call accessory for the Pet Chatz lets you incorporate games into your chat or lets your pet call you with a pushed button.

17. PetCheck

Use the PetCheck dog walking management software to keep tabs on your dog walking or pet sitting business. Control everything from employee schedules to accounting for your customers. You can even use the GPS setting to let pet owners know where you are, when you arrive, and when you leave! PetCheck will even handle the billing for you. Pro-Tip: The device handles one to five walkers at its lowest level, but can be scaled larger to handle much larger staffs.

18. Petnet SmartBowl

Everything is “smart” these days, so why not a smart dog bowl? The SmartBowl is Bluetooth enabled and connects to an app on your phone. It lets you enter information about your dog, then measures the ounces you’re feeding, letting you know when you’ve done just the right amount. Lights on the side of the bowl warn you when you’ve added too much food. Pro-Tip: Over-feeding can lead to obesity, which is a serious health risk for your dog, so you can avoid this with the SmartBowl and other similar pet gadgets.

19. Safety Turtle 2.0 Pool Alarm Pet Kit

If you have a pool and pets, you need to be prepared for the potential that your pet may fall in to the pool. The Safety Turtle 2.0 Pool Alarm has a sensor that attaches to your pet’s collar. If the sensor gets wet, the base sounds an alarm, and you can get your pet out. The same alarm comes with wristbands for the kids, so you can keep everyone in your family safe. Warning: An estimated 5,000 pets will drown when left unattended by pools, so a pet pool alarm is a must!

20. CleverPet

Did you ever play the game Simon as a kid? Dog tech such as the CleverPet is like the doggie version. The pet will tap the lights on the front of the device. If tapped in the right order, a door opens to release a treat! The CleverPet is Wi-Fi connected, so you can change light patterns, add sounds, or record your voice. Pro-Tip: Dogs may be more likely to use the CleverPet, but it can work for any cats willing to learn how to use it!

21. DogTread Dog Treadmill

Canine treadmills ensure your active dog can get the exercise necessary to stay fit and well-behaved. The DogTread Dog Treadmill comes in three different sizes to accommodate dogs of different sizes safely. In addition to the treadmill, you’ll get exercise programs and training DVDs to ensure you’re using the device safely. Pro-Tip: A dog treadmill is a better idea for your pet, because it’s designed for a dog’s long stride. Don’t try to use a human treadmill, which could be a safety hazard.

22. One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel

Your cat needs exercise too, but cats can’t be trusted on treadmills. The One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel is safer and can provide hours of exercise indoors. It is a wheel design that helps keep cats more stable, and as an added bonus it’s quite stylish as well. Pro-Tip: A cat that doesn’t get enough exercise can become bored and depressed. The One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel helps combat this without the need to send your cat outside.

23. CoyoteVest

In some parts of the country, coyotes are a very real risk for small pets that head outside. The CoyoteVest is designed to keep them away. It’s a Kevlar vest covered in spikes, with the option to add a number of different spike designs to match your tastes. If a precocious predator decides to attack anyway, you can send a shock through the vest to send the attacker packing, without harming your pup. Pro-Tip: Use the vest any time you send your small pet outside for an added layer of protection.

24. PetSafe Smart Dog Trainer

Shock collars can be an effective training tool, but how often would you lose the remote? How about a “smart” training collar? The PetSafe Smart Dog Trainer delivers a static jolt when you use the included app, and it can also be set up to send a tone or vibration first before the static charge. This can aid in training more gently. Pro-Tip: The PetSafe Smart Dog Trainer works from up to 75 yards and is Bluetooth 4.0 compatible.

25. Pavlovian Puppy Potty Trainer

The Pavlovian Puppy Potty Trainer uses the science of Pavlov’s dogs to potty train your puppy. The puppy pad is designed to dispense a treat when your puppy potties where he’s supposed to. You can use a built-in chime to reinforce what you’re teaching. The instant gratification will quickly teach your dog where the right place to “go” is. Pro-Tip: Gradually move the trainer closer and closer to the door until you teach your dog to potty outside!

26. Canine Shower Stall

Why bathe in the same tub as your dog? The Canine Shower Stall provides an enclosed, dedicated space to wash your dog. It has 16 jet nozzles that will wash and rinse your pet with a powerful stream of water that will get into even the thickest coat. It also includes a handheld shower head with a long hose for those hard-to-reach places. Pro-Tip: Connect the Canine Shower Stall to your garden house for an instant outdoor doggie bath!

27. WaterDog Automatic Pet Drinking Fountain

Standing water isn’t a good idea, as it provides a breeding ground for pests, but you need a place for your dog to get a fresh drink while you’re outside. The WaterDog automatic Pet Drinking Fountain can help. The fountain turns on when your pet gets close, then turns off when they walk away, so they can have fresh, clean water whenever they want. Pro-Tip: Take time to train your dog to use the WaterDog, as he may have trouble figuring it out at first.

28. Dog Cooling Bed

A dog cooling bed uses the power of a water-based core to pull heat away from your pt and release it into the air, while helping your pet stay dry. The padding helps keep your dog comfortable, and the cooling power of these beds can help reduce problems with skin, arthritis, and hip problems. Pro-Tip: Have one dog cooling bed for indoor use and one for outdoor use so your pet doesn’t get overheated.

29. GoDogGo Machine Ball Fetcher

Play fetch for hours without getting tired with the GoDogGo Machine Ball Fetcher. The machine will toss the ball for you, and the large bucket makes it easy for the dog to put the ball back after retrieving it. This particular fetch machine was the first of its kind in the world and can work with varying sized fetching balls. Pro-Tip: Find a ball brand your pet loves and stock up, because this toy will get a lot of use.