Dogs are highly sensitive to their environment and can easily become stressed in certain situations. Here are five things that humans do that can stress out dogs:

Yelling or using punishment-based training methods

Dogs are sensitive to the tone and body language of their humans and can become anxious or fearful when subjected to yelling or punishment-based training methods. Using positive reinforcement training techniques can help create a more positive and trusting relationship between you and your dog.

Ignoring them

Dogs crave attention and affection from their humans. If you’re consistently ignoring your dog, they may start to feel neglected and stressed.

Not providing enough exercise

Dogs need plenty of physical and mental exercise to stay happy and healthy. If you’re not providing enough opportunities for your dog to get exercise, they may become bored and restless, which can lead to stress.

Not providing enough socialization

Just like humans, dogs need socialization to thrive. If you’re not providing enough opportunities for your dog to interact with other dogs and people, such as at a dog park, they may become anxious or fearful.

Not providing a safe and comfortable environment

Dogs need a safe and comfortable environment to feel secure. If their living space is cluttered or chaotic, or if they’re constantly exposed to loud noises or other stressors, it can lead to anxiety and stress.

By being aware of these potential stressors and taking steps to minimize them, you can help keep your furry friend happy and healthy.