Looking to reduce anxiety, pain, and inflammation in your cats or dogs, but not sure which brand to go with? Pet CBDs such as those by Innovet are veterinary over the counter animal products that are used to treat many different conditions in companion animals ranging from dogs and cats to horses.

Cannabis products for pets do not contain any THC, so they are non-psychoactive. One brand that offers a wide variety of hemp CBD oil products for pets is Innovet. Innovet also offers wellness products for pet parents, including preventive and routine pet care. Read our review of Inovet to learn more about the products and see if they’re a good fit for your dog or cat’s needs.

What is Innovetpet.com?

Innovet Pet is an online marketplace for pet products ranging from CBD for pets to ear wash to prevent ear infections. It’s not to be confused with Innovet4Vets which offers medical supplies like traditional x-ray systems and x-ray tubes.

Their products are for health and wellness pet care. If you need something simple like a feeding syringe or even organic hemp oil for your companion animal, you can find it through Innovet. Innovet also offers their own line of hemp products including oils and treats. Their organic hemp oil is their strongest product and must be administered using a dropper, as little as one drop can be effective.

It’s less expensive than other organic CBD oils. Getting the correct dosage is essential and it can be a little nervewracking for pet parents who would feel more comfortable using a daily treat instead. Their treats come in different flavors and a hard and soft chew.

They have less CBD per treat than other brands, which makes them more expensive to get the same effectiveness.

The Reasons Why Pet Owners are Using CBD Dog Treats to Treat Pain, Anxiety, and More!

Pet owners are using CBD dog treats to treat pain, anxiety, seizures, inflammation, and other conditions in dogs because it is effective without having many common side effects from prescription medications.

These products come from the cannabis sativa plant which is used to make marijuana but contain none of the THC which makes people and pets get high or feel confused. The cannabinoid receptors affect mood, pain, and inflammation, so a daily CBD infused treat can improve animal health.

CBD Oil for Dogs Everywhere! How to Choose The Right Brand for Your Pup

CBD oils are incredibly popular right now because of how effective some of the different brands are at helping with pet anxiety and pain. There are different strengths of CBD and some companies user higher-quality CBD which will be more effective than a lower quality CBD oil used.

Hempseed oil, for instance, is a standard oil used in cooking and beauty products and doesn’t contain CBD. It comes from just the seeds of the hemp plant, not the stalk or leaves.

The 4 Main Items You Must Look For

  1. Ingredients – Dog treats often contain unnecessary fillers instead of natural and whole ingredients. You want to get a dog treat that is as natural as possible while still being tasty.
  2. Type of CBD – High-quality CBD is essential as it determines whether or not the dog treat will be as effective as it should be. When you buy a CBD oil treat, you are looking to get the effects of the CBD for your pet mainly, the other qualities and ingredients are just secondary.
  3. Flavors – If you’re hand feeding your dog CBD treats, it’s easier if they enjoy the taste. You want the treat to be a reward and something they look forward to.
  4. How to Administer – There are dog treats with CDB, as well as topical creams and pills. An older dog may need a soft chew while a younger dog may prefer a crunchier treat. Innovet’s most popular product is their CDB oil which is administered using a feeding syringe. Oral administration can be difficult if your pet doesn’t like the taste of the product and it is easier to accidentally overdose your pet.
  5. Strength and Number of Treats per package – It’s important to know how much CBD is in each dog treat for dosing and to make sure you’re getting the best value out of your dog treats. The Innovet treats contain less CBD per treat than other leading brands like Honest Paws, so you may need to give your pet multiple treats to get the same effectiveness.

Hemp Oil for Dogs & More: Innovet Pet Products

Innovet offers a wide variety of hemp pet products as well as other wellness products for pet owners. Innovet’s CBD products come in hard treats, soft chews, CBD oil, and CBD capsules.

CBD for Dogs and Cats

You can give your dog CBD oil through the hard or soft chews, the CBD capsules, and the CBD oil. Cats can use the CBD oil only.

CBD oil helps anxiety, pain, inflammation, seizures, and a wide variety of other ailments in pets. You can talk with your vet about how CBD oil can be useful for pet relief from pain, anxiety, and other issues.

Pet Supplies

Innovet also offers a wide variety of wellness products like pet shampoos, flea control, and more. If you need pet supplies, Innovet can be your one-stop shop.

You can look for Innovet pet coupons online for promo codes and other offers for the sites.

Their Main Seller: Innovet CBD Oil Ingredients

Innovet’s main seller is their CBD oil. It contains 100 percent organic hemp oil. It’s a full spectrum CBD with no THC. It is given orally using a syringe to your dog or cat. You can apply the oil to treats or food, but the best way to make sure your pet is getting the CBD oil is to put it directly in their mouth.

Getting the correct dosage can be difficult, and if you accidentally give too much, it can be dangerous to your pet. Their CBD oil is organic and less expensive than other organic hemp oils available for pets.

Innovet PurCBD+ Product Review

Innovet’s CBD oil has a good price, especially for organic CBD oil. Some pet owners may prefer the oral method, but it can be difficult to dose correctly especially if your pet doesn’t like the taste.

Each 30 ml bottle contains 135mg, which is a lot of CBD. Most treats contain less than 5mg of CBD as a comparison. You have to be very careful to give your pet the recommended dosage which could be as small as a drop or two. It can be easier for pet owners to give a daily treat instead.

What are the Known Side Effects?

CBD oils typically have little to no side effects when given the correct dosage. If a pet takes too much CBD oil, it can cause diarrhea and other digestive upset.

If a CBD oil contains THC, it can overdose on marijuana which causes lethargy, depression, heaving drooling, vomiting, agitation, tremors, and other unusual behavior.

Mixed Innovet Reviews: What are The Real Pet Owners Saying?

Some pet owners love Innovet CBD oil, while others find their pets do not like it, making it difficult to give them a dose. Read some verified reviews from the Innovet pet website.

Dawn W.Have been using the product for a little over 2 weeks. Not quite sure if it’s working. I have to put it in her food, as she will not let me put 3 dropperfuls in her mouth. She doesn’t always eat all her food.

Diana G. – CBD oil for thunderstorm freaky dog. Our GS/Husky dog freaks out during thunder and lightening storms. A dose of CBD seems to help calm him and he likes the taste.

BravoI bought this for anxiety issues with my rescue dog but I don’t think it’s really having an effect on her. I will keep using it until it runs out but at the price, I’m not sure I’ll continue using it. She does take this very well and has no adverse reactions to it. I’m not sure how much I should be giving for a 55 lb dog.

Innovet Pet Rating: 3.5 Stars

Pet owners that prefer giving CBD to their pets orally may enjoy this brand as it’s organic and less pricey than other organic CBD oils like Pet Releaf. The treats come in different flavors and a hard and soft chew. Older dogs could have trouble with a crunchier treat.

All in all, Innovet CBD products are not the worse out there, and they have some great qualities. However, when it comes to cbd oil for dogs/cbd dog treats, there are too many better-made brands out there offering more in terms of effectiveness, ingredients, and benefits.

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