How does the Dog DNA Blood Test Work?

how do dog dna blood tests work

A dog DNA blood test is a simple and non-invasive way to check your dog for genetic diseases. The test is performed by drawing blood from your dog’s vein and sending the sample to a laboratory for analysis. 

Pet owners can do this in two ways: by collecting the blood sample from your dog yourself or by having a veterinarian using veterinarian medical equipment collect it for you. If you choose to collect the sample yourself, you must follow a strict protocol to ensure that the results are accurate and high-quality. If someone else collects the sample, they must also follow a strict protocol.

Once the sample arrives at the lab, technicians will extract DNA from it and run it through genetic testing equipment that looks for specific markers within its sequence. The markers tell them what specific breed mix has contributed to your dog’s genetic makeup over time — including any possible genetic disorders that may have been passed down through generations of breeding.

Is Blood or Saliva Better for Genetic Testing in Dogs?

Yes, the dog DNA blood test is the best way to get DNA for genetic testing in dogs. Blood is a good source because it contains a high cell concentration, meaning more DNA.

Saliva is also a good source of DNA for genetic testing in dogs, but it requires special preparation before submitting it to the lab. For example, you may need to mix your dog’s saliva with water before sending it in. This reduces the risk of DNA sample contamination.

Blood or Saliva?

Blood is the best option because it contains a high cell concentration, meaning more DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). Blood also contains fewer bacteria than saliva, which reduces the risk of contamination while waiting for results.

Saliva has its advantages, too: It’s easier to collect than blood. However, saliva doesn’t contain as many cells as blood, so you may need more samples from your dog if you decide to go this route instead.

Wisdom Panel 3.0 Canine DNA Test Kit
  • The Wisdom Panel test analyzes for more than 350 breeds, types, & varieties.
  • Collect dog's DNA with cheek swab, activate online, send to lab with pre-paid shipping. Get ancestry & breed results in 2 weeks.
  • Genetic testing can help you identify breeds & specific health issues that may be important to the wellbeing of your dog.

What can the Dog DNA Blood Test Test for?

The Dog DNA blood test can test for many different things. Some of these include:

  • Breed detection
  • Congenital deafness or blindness
  • Cytology (the study of cells)
  • Heartworm disease and tick-borne diseases (Lyme disease in dogs and ehrlichiosis)
  • Sex determination for puppies less than 12 weeks old

Dog DNA blood test results can provide your veterinarian with a lot of information about your dog’s health than a saliva test.

Blood contains a higher concentration of your dog’s genome and can be used to tell if your dog has certain diseases or what kind of genetic abnormalities they might be at risk for. They contain a high concentration of cells, hence more DNA, and may give a more comprehensive result than a sit-at-home test.

Is There a Blood DNA Test for Dogs?

Yes, there is a dog DNA blood test – it is the Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test.

The dog DNA blood test is used to determine whether a dog’s DNA matches the DNA of another dog or if the two dogs are related. This test result can also assess the dog’s wellness state, whether a dog is purebred or not, and trace the family tree.

Professional Mars Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test Reviewed

professional mars wisdom panel dog dna test reviewed

The Mars Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test is one of the complete tests available for dogs today.

It offers a full analysis of your dog’s ancestry and can also help determine if they have any hidden health conditions that might be passed down from previous generations.

This canine DNA test is excellent for geneticists or anyone who wants to learn more about their dog’s genetic code and potential health issues.

What is the Mars Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test?

Mars Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test is a DNA test that can be used to determine your dog’s breed ancestry. This test determines the breeds that make up your dog’s DNA and gives you a percentage of each one.

The test comes with a swab, which you use to collect the DNA from your dog’s cheek. The sample is then sent to Mars Veterinary for analysis, and you will receive an email with your results in about 2-4 weeks.

How Does Mars Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test Work?

Collecting samples for the Mars Wisdom Panel test is very simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Purchase the kit from Mars Veterinary. It costs $79.99 plus shipping and handling, but you can save money by ordering multiple kits with a friend or family member at once.
  2. Have a veterinarian collect a sample from your dog by rubbing their cheek with an included cotton swab or collecting saliva from their mouth with another swab (this method will take longer). The vet can also use gauze pads as long as they are dipped in water first, so they’re not too dry when applied to your dog’s cheek or mouth area).
  3. Return your completed sample. You will get the report which includes health test results, breed information, and personality traits, within two to four weeks.

What’s in a Mars Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test?

The Wisdom Panel Dog DNA test includes:

  • One carton to return the sample
  • Sample ID stickers
  • Two cheek swabs for collecting saliva
  • A protective sleeve to return the sample
  • And a prepaid shipping label
  • No needles are involved in the Mars Wisdom Panel dog DNA test kit.
  • The Breed + health kit works for breed identification, canine genetic health screening, and ancestry tracing.
  • Results can determine what diet or supplement to give your purebred dog.
  • Provides results for over 170 different genetic markers.
  • Help breeders identify a mixed breed dog.
  • The dog breed identification test result shows what breeds make up your mutt.
  • Cheaper than embark dog DNA test, DNA My Dog Breed Test Kit, and Wisdom Panel
  • Scan your dog breed identification test result against the American kennel club (AKC) breed database that contains over 250 breeds of dogs.


  • It can take up to four weeks to get the pet DNA result.

Mars Wisdom Panel Reviews:

With a global rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon, dog owners have spoken and are raving about the Mars Wisdom Panel DNA test.

What makes this product the best dog DNA test? Here’s what they had to say:

  • “It was very easy to use, and the health risks results were very accurate!”
  • “I learned that my dog is part American Bulldog, which I had no idea about! “
  • “It was really fun to see what breeds were in my German shepherd’s DNA and then look at pictures of them online.”
  • “The testing process was easy with detailed instructions emailed by the testing company immediately.”

How Much Does the Mars Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test Cost?

The Mars Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test Costs $79.99.

Is the Dog DNA Blood Test More Accurate for Dogs?

The dog DNA blood test is the most accurate method of determining a dog’s breed. Blood tests are more reliable than skin or hair samples, which can be affected by factors like sun exposure and diet.

Both blood and cheek swab tests can be used to create impressive data sets, but neither is without its flaws. For serious breeders or owners, you can take both types of tests for the most comprehensive information.

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