Best Dog Crate Furniture Summary

Why Buy Dog Crate Furniture?

Why Buy Dog Crate Furniture

A dog crate comes with so many upsides, especially regarding functionality. However, it is hard to ignore a large metallic box in the middle of your living space. 

Many basic dog crates are not made with home design in mind, so they can be hard to match with the rest of your home decor.

Fortunately, with dog crate furniture, you can get a dog crate that not only blends with your home but also serves a secondary purpose, such as a coffee table or side table. 

unipaws Furniture Style Dog Crate
  • Appear as an elegant side table, end table, and nightstand.
  • Designed with mesh and durable pressed wood. Perfect for small dogs (up to 40lbs). It is roomy to walk around.
  • Experience optimal ventilation and a full view for your pet's peaceful enjoyment. They can see you, and you can watch them rest in style.

What are the Advantages of Using Dog Crate Furniture?

There are several advantages of using dog crate furniture, from practicality to aesthetics. Here are some of the top benefits: 

  • Aesthetics. Dog crate furniture is designed to look pleasing, so it blends in with the rest of your home decor. Unlike basic metallic or plastic crates, dog crate furniture is usually made from wood or materials similar to wood. Wood easily blends with almost all interior designs, and if you don’t like a particular look, you can always do some customization.
  • Space. Having a piece of furniture that doubles as your dog’s crate will save you the space a dedicated dog crate would require. 
  • More bonding time. Dog crate furniture in communal areas like the living room, family room, or even kitchen allows your dog to feel included in family time. A basic crate kept in the garage would isolate your dog’s separation anxiety and loneliness.
  • Cost-effective. Buying dog crate furniture also saves you money by sparing you the expense of purchasing a dog crate and a dedicated table separately. Even if the crate table costs more than the crate and table separately, it would still cost less than both combined. 
  • More privacy for your dog. Basic crates, particularly metallic or wire mesh ones, have a very open design that does not give your dog any privacy. Most dog crate furniture has a more enclosed design that allows the crate to feel homey less anxious. 

What are the Disadvantages of Using Dog Crate Furniture?

Practicality and aesthetics are great, but there are certain downsides to dog crate furniture. Here are the disadvantages of using dog crate furniture: 

  • Unsuitable for crate training. Dog crate furniture is only suited for mature crate-trained dogs. Untrained puppies should be started in simpler crates until they are fully capable of staying in crate furniture without damaging it. 
  • Unsuitable for destructive dogs. Dogs that chew or nibble on surfaces aren’t ideal candidates for dog crate furniture. These should instead be kept in heavy-duty crates that can withstand constant wear and tear. 
  • Low size variety. Since aesthetics are the main goal of crate furniture makers, there aren’t many options in terms of size. In fact, it is quite tricky to find crate furniture for large and extra large dogs like German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, or Great Danes.  
  • Harder to keep clean. Since wood is a porous material, any spills or bladder accidents will leech into it even after cleaning the surface. Wood also has a tendency to retain odors. You must therefore maintain a high level of hygiene in a wood dog crate.
  • May not be suitable for growing puppies. Most crate and kennel furniture do not include a divider to use for growing puppies. You can make a custom divider or wait for your puppy to grow to maximum size before getting crate furniture. 

What is the Most Popular Type of Dog Crate Furniture?

There are different popular types of dog crate furniture. They all look similar but feature various added functions. Here are some popular styles: 

  • End tables. These are made to be placed at the end of a couch or any seat to serve as a place to rest a drink or book. You can also keep a few decorative materials like books or plants on the tabletop. These are mostly suited for small dogs as they are short and can not exceed the height of a standard couch. 
  • Side tables are similar to end tables but are larger and can be anywhere in a room, including a corner or simply next to a wall. They offer more size variety since they can serve different purposes in a room. 
  • Credenza. This is a cabinet-style piece of furniture usually in the dining room but can also be in living places like the family room or living room. It is usually built for storage, but it can easily be transformed into a dog crate. 
  • Nightstands. For dog owners who prefer to have their dogs close by, they can get themselves a nightstand that is also a dog crate. At night, while the dog owner sleeps, the dog can also sleep close by in her crate.

Best Dog Crate Reviews

The new age pet market offers an array of dog crate furniture products – from dog houses to pet cages for indoor use. With so many choices, deciding what is right for your best friend can be hard. To make things easier, we have reviewed the best dog crates you can find on Amazon.

unipaws Furniture Style Dog Crate

Summary: This unipaws crate is a great addition to any modern home. It combines elegant design with high functionality to give you a crate that both you and your dog can love. Plus, you can use the top as a coffee table. 

  • Chew-proof wire dog crate 
  • Features a double door
  • Open and well ventilated
  • Comfy cushioning 
  • Plastic and removable tray
  • Available in two sizes
  • Comes in one color (grey) 
  • Not suited for dogs over 40 lbs

Review: Customers love both the look and functionality of this crate. Reviews mention how well it blends into most parts of the home, like the living room and bedroom. Owners with naughty dogs also appreciate how well the crate keeps their furry friends without escaping.

FEANDREA Wooden Dog Crate

Summary: This wooden crate has a unique rustic look that will make you forget it is a dog crate. The crate, however, offers more than just good looks. It is also very easy to use and maintain, and if that is not enough, it has a decent three-size range.  

  • Rustic design made with wood 
  • Removable plastic tray for easy cleaning
  • Well ventilated and provides a full view of the dog
  • Double door design
  • Available in three sizes
  • Not a chew-proof model 
  • Not suited for large dogs

Review: Reviews of the Feandrea furniture style pet crate mention that it is a sturdy, easy-to-assemble, and beautiful product. However, pet owners mention that the pet product must be used with a crate mat because of the grill bottom.  

unipaws Furniture Style Dog Crate End Table

Summary: The multipurpose table dog crate is one of the best sellers of Unipaws. It is available in two colors and fits dogs up to 40 lbs. The unique design of the crate also gives a sense of privacy for your dog while leaving enough room for ventilation. 

  • Multipurpose design (side table, end table, coffee table) 
  • Additional side door for easy cleaning
  • Open design that provides extra ventilation 
  • Allows a full view of the dog
  • Comes with a cushion that serves as a dog bed
  • The wooden parts of the crate are not chew-proof
  • Not suited for a large size dog (over 40 lbs)

Review: Customers are generally happy with the unipaws crate. Most reviews praise how beautiful the crate is and how easy it is to assemble.

Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate End Table

Summary: This end crate end table is from Casual Home, the home design company. The table is very popular due to its wide size and color options. Plus, it does not take much space and makes an excellent addition to the overall interior design. 

  • Partially enclosed, allowing privacy
  • Suitable for large size dogs (up to 90 lbs) 
  • Available in four colors and three sizes
  • Lockable gate for extra security 
  • Light and easy assembly process
  • Not ideal for dogs that like to chew, nibble, or scratch
  • The two smaller sizes do not feature double doors

Review: Satisfied reviewers love how much this crate looks like furniture rather than a crate. The covered bottom half of the crate gives the impression that it is just furniture even when a dog is inside.

IDEAL HOUSE Furniture Dog Crate End Table

Summary: The Ideal House dog cage is perfect for small dogs, even if they love trenbolone enanthate to chew and tear furniture. Its unique design makes it ideal for many purposes, including acting as an end table, side table, or nightstand. 

  • Completely chew-proof crate design and materials 
  • Compact design that fits even in small spaces 
  • Top drawer as an extra storage space 
  • Dog-proof, magnetic lock 
  • Can be used as an end table, side table, and nightstand 
  • Open and very well ventilated
  • The crate offers no privacy for your dog 
  • Not suited for large or even medium-sized dogs

Review: Reviewers appreciate the drawer on top of the crate that can act as storage for dog essentials like snacks and toys. This is in addition to its compact size and durability. 

Ylovecl Wooden Dog Crate Furniture

Summary: This crate is made from MDF (Medium-Density Fireboard), a material very similar to wood but with a smoother finish. With seven sizes and five colors, every pet parent is bound to find one that works for her/him. 

  • Chew-proof MDF and wire mesh 
  • Sliding tray for easy clean-up
  • Features a double door 
  • Detachable dog crate cover 
  • Comes in seven sizes and five colors 
  • Extremely easy to set up and use
  • The crate is small and can only take dogs up to 40 lbs

Review: Dog owners love the beautiful look of the crate. Plus, many of the customers who purchased it loved the fast shipping of the product.

BIRDROCK HOME Decorative Dog Kennel

Summary: This is a dog kennel from the home improvement brand, Birdrock. It is great for dog owners who prefer furniture with a darker finish. This multifunctional dog kennel is made with wood and wire and features a handsome overall design. 

  • Multifunctional design 
  • Elegantly crafted wood 
  • Comes with a removable pet bed
  • Fits dogs of up to 58 lbs
  • Double door design
  • Not a chew-proof dog crate 
  • Only one color available (espresso)

Review: Reviewers love how spacious this crate is. Many dogs love the crate, some choosing to spend time in it willingly. A lot of reviews also mention how easy the crate is to use and assemble. 

How to Shop for Dog Crate Furniture?

How to Shop for Dog Crate Furniture

Shopping for dog crate furniture can be easy as long as you know what to look for in a merry product. Here are some of the considerations to keep in mind: 

  • Price. Since dog crate furniture prices are on the higher end, you must carefully do your research to find a product that is worthy of its price tag. More often than not high-quality products are more expensive. 
  • Set up. Look out for furniture that can easily be installed by yourself without having to pay for assembly. Reviews are a good source of info on ease of setup and instruction clarity. 
  • Aesthetics. Consider the style of your home before choosing a crate. Ensure to go for crates that match your home decor. Otherwise, the expense of buying a well-designed crate will not be justifiable. 
  • Size. Even though the main goal of choosing crate furniture is to match your home’s look, the comfort of your dog remains the most important thing. Ensure that your crate fits your dog properly for her to stand, sit and turn around. 
  • Material. Choose durable materials like solid wood, MDF, and sturdy metal to ensure that your crate lasts a long time before getting damaged. The material affects the durability of the dog crate.