Best Orvis Dog Beds Summary

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best orvis dog beds

Giving your dog a comfortable place to sleep is essential to his quality of life, and selecting a durable brand will ensure that your pup can continue to enjoy his bed for years to come.

Orvis dog beds may stretch your budget, but many pet parents find the increase in quality well worth the extra cost. Here are our top picks for selecting the best Orvis dog beds.

How To Shop For Orvis Dog Beds

There are several factors to consider before you purchase the best dog bed for your pup and shop Orvis lifestyle brands. 


Measure your dog from nose to tail before you shop dog beds to determine what size bed he needs. Make sure to measure him while he’s in a sleeping position and add 8″ to 12″ to determine the ideal bed diameter for him. Rounding up in size will help ensure optimal comfort. 


Dog beds come in a variety of different materials. The outer cover should be durable enough to stand up to scratching and washable to remove stains from dirty paws. 

Plush materials like fleece and faux fur can help your dog feel calm and cozy, despite being harder to clean. Other popular materials for pet beds include suede, microfiber, and polyester.

shopping for an orvis dog bed


The type of filling used in dog beds plays a vital role in the support provided. Poly fiberfill, polyfill, and foam can all be comfortable options, with foam providing the firmest surface.

Aging dogs with arthritis often need additional support from their beds. Orthopedic dog beds use high-density orthopedic memory foam to reduce pressure points and soother aches and pains caused by stress and joints.


Hair, dirt, and drool can quickly accumulate on your pup’s favorite bed after hours of blissful naps. Removing the cover and running it through the washing machine is a valuable feature that improves any bed’s washability.

Dog beds without removable covers can be challenging to clean. The best washable dog beds using stain-repellent fabrics that are rip-resistant and clean up easily.


Many dogs like to chew, and their beds can often double as giant chew toys. This chewing can be destructive and even dangerous if the bed comes apart easily. 

Fabric beds with foam filling are the most susceptible to destruction, so avoid these if you have a heavy chewer. The sturdiest dog beds are covered with suspended canvas-like fabric that most dogs cannot tear.

Price Point

The wide range of dog bed styles and materials also come with a diverse range of price points. Simple elevated beds are generally more affordable than complex, plush designs.

Lower-quality material also often characterizes budget pet bed brands. Investing in a higher quality bed can ultimately pay off with better durability in the long run.

buying an orvis dog bed

Consider Your Dog’s Age

Your dog’s age is perhaps the most crucial factor when determining the best type of dog bed for your pup. Mischievous youngsters may need indestructible materials that stand up to chewing, and older dogs often suffer from aches and pains that require additional support. 

Special orthopedic materials can help keep seniors comfortable.

Best Orvis Dog Beds

Here are our top picks for the best Orvis dog beds in their pet product collections.

Orvis Toughchew Comfortfill Dog Bed

This Orvis dog bed offers both durability and comfort. The cover consists of a tough nylon liner under a tear-resistant micro velvet outer with a soft feel. This bed is perfect for pups who like to chew but still prefer a smoother sleeping area.

Orvis National Park Dog Bed

Available in sizes that suit the entire furry family, the Orvis National Park dog bed features medium-firm pillow filling and an appealing design. The removable polyester fleece cover has heavy-duty seams and stands up well to washing. Owners of dirty dogs love this bed for providing the same soft feel of wool without the cleaning hassles.

Orvis Comfortfill Bolster Bed

Bolster dog beds have sides that offer extra comfort for dogs who like the feeling of snuggling up against the couch. The polyester filling and water-resistant liner make it an excellent choice for most dogs. This bed is a smart buy for dog owners who want their couch space back.

Orvis Comfortfill Round Dog's Nest

Round dog beds are ideal for dogs who like to wrap themselves in a ball to nap. The polyester will not clump or flatten. So this doggie nest is perfect for pups who want to dig and nestle into their beds before taking a snooze.

Orvis Comfortfill Cuddle Fleece Dog Bed

Cuddler-style dog beds feature bolsters on every side for a cozy fit. Soft and shed-proof fleece is gentle on sensitive skin, and the lower front bolster helps older dogs get in and out of bed. This Orvis best is the best pick for pups who like extra-security and reassurance.

Orvis Sunbrella Outdoor Platform Dog Bed

This dog bed boasts a durable material that can stand up to abuse from the outdoors. The mold-resistant mesh liner dries quickly, and an acrylic cover is hardy without compromising comfort. Pups who enjoy the outdoors also love this bed.

Orvis Comfortfill Wraparound Fleece Dog Bed

The oval-shaped wraparound beds from Orvis have more streamlined bolsters than the rectangular model. Although it does not have a removable cover, the entire polyester-filled bed is machine-washable. This bed is perfect for pet parents who value simple laundering.

Orvis Memory Foam Couch Dog Bed

The Orvis memory foam couch dog bed provides the ultimate comfort and support. This bed boasts 4 inches of thick memory foam protected by a water-resistant liner. The extra support of this bed makes it perfect for older dogs.

Orvis Memory Foam Fleece Dog Bed

This Orvis dog bed combines the coziness of wraparound fleece beds with the support of memory foam. The thick foam pad evenly distributes your pup’s weight while the wrap-around bolsters give security. This bed is perfect for dogs who like the feeling of being cuddled up in a den.

Orvis Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed

Bolsters may make some dogs feel claustrophobic. This platform bed features a simple design that allows your pup to stretch out completely. The freedom of movement and extra support make this Orvis bed ideal for older large breed dogs.

Final Thoughts

Dog beds come in various shapes, sizes, and materials to suit the unique needs of individual pups. But all Orvis beds provide a comfortable place for your pet to rest made of high-quality materials that can stand up to chewing, digging, and dirt. Your sleepy pup is sure to thank you for your investment.