Our Top Picks Summary

  1. Mammoth Large Dog Bed
  2. Mammoth Original Donut Dog Bed
  3. Mammoth Latex Dog Bed
  4. Mammoth Oblong Outdoor Dog Bed
  5. Mammoth Designer Couch
  6. Mammoth Sherpa Bed
  7. Mammoth Pet Beds

Buying a dog bed for a large canine can seem like a colossal task. But, if you’re shopping for a dog bed at Mammoth’s – you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Mammoth dog beds started off at a professional training and boarding facility in 1995, and they’ve gone on to make quite a name for themselves since. Be it a memory foam bed for joint pain or hip pain, an oblong, or a donut bed – Mammoth dog beds has something for everyone. 

What’s more, we’ve gathered the low down on some of the best mammoth dog beds available, along with a brand-specific buying guide. 

How to Shop for Mammoth Dog Beds

Best Mammoth Dog Beds

Mammoth is a registered manufacturer of quality pet products, so you don’t have to stress about details like high-quality materials, customer service, or good quality dog supplies. 

Additionally, the brand specializes in dog beds for large and extra large breeds – so dog owners with canines like german shepherds and swiss mountain dogs will undoubtedly feel at home. 

Nonetheless, we’ve highlighted some notable characteristics below that you should consider when shopping for a dog bed at Mammoth.


Size plays a critical role when shopping for a dog bed. But, when it comes to an extra-large dog bed or a pet bed for large dogs, you want to ensure any product you buy is big enough to fit your furbaby. 

Thankfully, Mammoth specializes in dog beds for big canines at an affordable price range – which will appeal to many people. 


Apart from plenty of room, Mammoth dog beds also feature a diverse range of bed filling options. Pet parents looking for orthopedic-quality dog beds can look at the brand’s memory foam insert options. 

In fact, most Mammoth beds include an orthopedic foam one way or another – which is perfect because large canines (such as great danes) are susceptible to joint and hip pain or back pain due to their built.  


Mammoth’s dog bed features are pretty spectacular, especially the material they use for their products. The brand uses heavy-weight material like 12 to 38 oz. Canvas, denim, microfibers/velvets, Cordura, etc. – so the dog beds can withstand your pet’s rough play like digging and clawing. 


Most if not all Mammoth beds for large dogs are machine washable. Some feature removable covers, while others are designed to be entirely washing machine safe. That means you don’t have to stress about maintaining your pet’s hygiene or expending too much time and effort on cleanliness. 

Price Point

Mammoth dog beds have a flexible price range depending on the features. Even the items that fall in the higher price bracket are popular among customers because of high-quality construction. Additionally, you can also look through the brand’s discount dog beds section for products that’ll help you save cash without compromising on quality. 


One of the Mammoth dog bed features we like the most is durability. The brand specializes in products made to last at least 14 years – that’s almost a lifetime warranty. Add to that the fact that most Mammoth dog bed reviews are full of customer praises, and you’ve got a dynamic combination. 

Your Dog’s Age

Older dogs have distinctive needs when it comes to bedding. If you’re on the look for an extra-large dog bed for a senior, it’s best to look for options such as memory foam that can help relieve back pain, along with covers that are machine wash safe. 

Otherwise, you have the option of relying on donut beds for your large-sized canine who likes to cuddle. The best part is no matter what design you choose – a Mammoth dog bed will be able to meet the demands of your large (or extra-large) breed dog. 

Best Mammoth Dog Beds

Before we start listing our top recommendations of Mammoth dog beds, we’d like to assure dog owners that our compilation includes items that appeal to all. We’ve taken aspects like a diverse design and price range to ensure all our readers find worthwhile dog supplies. 

1. Mammoth Large Dog Bed

Mammoth Large Dog Bed

We’re kicking off our list with the Large Dog Bed by Mammoth for a reason. This bed is designed to blend in with all types of living room décors, and it’s easily transportable. 

The bed’s oblong (or elliptical) shape is perfect for doggos who like to stretch out or curl. Made from top-notch upholstery fabric, the mattress also includes a velcro system for ease of removal. The inner pillow is entirely over the counter injectable testosterone enanthate for sale online removable and enhances the bed’s orthopedic qualities. 

The dog bed is also stain-resistant, anti-bacterial, and includes an anti-odor fabric protector. Be is a Jack Russell or Bulldog; your pet is likely to love this product. 

2. Mammoth Original Donut Dog Bed

Mammoth Original Donut Dog Bed

If you’re the proud owner of a golden retriever that has a tendency for anxiety – then say hello to the Original Donut Dog Bed by Mammoth. The high bolsters surrounding the inner pillow are designed to make your dog feel secure as it sleeps. 

Aside from being available in various sizes and colors, this pet bed is made of superior quality fabrics such as Canvas and denim. It’s also ideal for large dogs that need extra ample cushioning for their bulky built and it comes equipped with Mammoth’s lifetime warranty. As far as large dog beds are concerned, this one’s a definite keeper. 

3. Mammoth Latex Dog Bed

Mammoth Latex Dog Bed

If you’ve got the Latex Dog Bed by Mammoth set up in your living room, you can rest assured about your pet’s long term comfort. Unlike other Mammoth beds, this item includes an organic latex foam that’s not only entirely machine wash safe but offers orthopedic benefits as well. 

Also, the latex foam insert of this pet bed is anti-microbial – and can inhibit the growth of mold, fungus, mildew, and bacteria. The cover is available in Canvas, microsuede, leatherette, and microvelvet. And there’s an optional nylon mattress protector cover too!

4. Mammoth Oblong Outdoor Dog Bed

Mammoth Oblong Outdoor Dog Bed

If you’re wondering why so many Mammoth dog beds are featured in the oblong shape, remember that Mammoth is a registered manufacturer of dog supplies and beds for large, extra large, and extra-extra-large canines. The elliptical shape of the Oblong Outdoor Dog is one of the things that makes it ideal for great danes and german shepherds alike. 

Apart from an affordable price, this pet bed is readily available at Mammoth’s outlet store (though you may have trouble finding this at a regular pet store). This pet bed also includes all the hallmark features of Mammoth dog beds, such as sturdy fabric construction, an orthopedic foam option, etc. This pet bed will definitely make a repeat customer out of you. 

5. Mammoth Designer Couch

Mammoth Designer Couch

A high-quality pet bed that’s also designed to look great as a designer couch? That may sound too good to be true with other registered trademark brands – but not Mammoth. 

Apart from featuring a nylon mattress protector for older dogs, this dog bed has a stain-resistant cover that’s available in multiple fabric types. 

The filling includes a combination of high-density orthopedic foam and memory foam – and there’s Mammoth’s lifetime guarantee to boot. This is an excellent long term pet bed for canines with joint pain and mobility issues. 

6. Mammoth Sherpa Bed

Mammoth Sherpa Bed

The Sherpa Bed is Mammoth’s rights reserved design for the highest quality large-sized puppy beds. In addition to being available at a discount price, this pet bed includes high memory fiber filling and the company s Sherpa Polar Fleece fabric that’s guaranteed to keep your pups warm and toasty for a rest-filled sleep. The bed doesn’t include a cover, but it’s entirely machine washable. 

7. Mammoth Pet Beds

Mammoth Pet Beds

Mammoth’s pet bed looks like a giant-sized cushion, but don’t let that fool about its functionality. You can use this dog bed for your dog’s crate, as an outdoor bed, or a travel bed.

What’s more, these beds feature high-density orthopedic foam, an easy carry handle, and a durable polypropylene liner to guard against doggy accidents. This dog bed truly deserves a space among our best beds compilation thanks to its convenience. 

Our Final Thoughts

Did you know Mammoth offers customer support for their pet beds too? That, along with the brand’s industry knowledge, high-quality large dog beds, and a lifetime warranty, make the brand a reliable option for dog owners who want to get their hands on a dog bed that’s built to last.

Plus, Mammoth’s website features a user-friendly menu that’ll make your online shopping experience a breeze, and they ship to many countries worldwide. There isn’t much else dog owners could ask for.