Our Top Picks Summary

  • Best Overall Kong Dog Bed: Kong Durable Lounger Pet Bed
    Plush lounger in a large size with durable design and stylish red color. 
  • Most Durable Kong Dog Bed: Kong Cuddler Pet Bed
    Durable, medium-sized Kong bed with high bolsters and comfy sleeping space. 
  • Best Orthopedic Kong Dog Bed: Kong Orthopedic Mat Pet Bed
    Orthopedic mattress with thick memory foam and grey color. 
  • Most Comfortable Kong Dog Bed: Kong Lounger Pet Bed
    Rectangular and machine washable dog bed with comfortable design. 

How To Shop For Kong Dog Beds

Remember to consider these essential factors to determine which Kong dog bed is the best option for your furry best friend.


Before purchasing any type of dog bed for your pup, you should first measure your dog to find out what size bed will fit him best. While your dog is lying down in a stretched out position, measure the length of his body from nose to tail.

Simply add 8″ to 12″ to your final measurement to determine his bed size. Rounding up one size can help ensure that his bed fits him. However, selecting an extra-large mattress may not give him the optimal amount of comfort and security.


Kong is famous for creating durable chew toys, and they also emphasize durability in the materials they use for their beds. The machine washable cover consists of water-resistant material that makes it easy to clean.

The materials of the removable cover also feature ripstop fabric that is nearly chew proof. However, the sleeping surfaces are still plush enough to help dogs feel calm and cozy.


Dog beds also use different types of fillings to achieve different levels of support. Fiber filling is softer and allows for dogs to burrow into it more. But foam filling can provide more support with a firmer feel.

Dogs who suffer from arthritis need more support from orthopedic dog beds. These mattresses have high-density memory foam that helps reduce pressure points on aching joints.


Most pups love their beds. And they show that love by covering their favorite napping place with plenty of dirt, drool, and hair. Besides offering comfort and durability, the best dog beds also need to have washable materials to stay hygienic.

Most dog beds are compatible with a machine wash cycle in cold water. However, you do still have to air dry some removable covers.


Although most pet owners highly recommend elevated beds for a problem chewer, Kong dog beds are excellent options for dogs who prefer softer surfaces that can stand up to play.

Many fabric beds are easily destructible, which can be dangerous if your dog swallows smaller pieces. However, Kong beds have tear-resistant and ripstop fabric that can withstand chewing.

Best Kong Beds for Dogs

Price Point

Generally, the price of a dog bed reflects its quality. The Kong dog beds at PetSmart offer an excellent value for an affordable price. Just like their chew toys, Kong beds are an investment in the long-term health and happiness of your four-legged family member.

Consider Your Dog’s Age

Your dog’s age plays a crucial role when deciding between different dog bed materials and fillings. Young dogs can be destructive and may need a more durable cover, but they also prefer softer filling that allows for burrowing and snuggling.

The best dog beds for older dogs feature unique orthopedic materials that provide additional support for painful aging joints. Softer filling materials may not be suitable for these dogs because of the lack of support that they offer.

Best Kong Dog Beds

Here are our top picks for the best quality Kong dog beds that dogs love.

Kong Durable Lounger Pet Bed

This dog bed features a unique design that prioritizes strength and support. The exterior walls are water-resistant for unexpected accidents, and the reinforced seams can withstand heavy chewing from playful pups. Most pets love the lounger design and fiber filling that allows them to snuggle into their preferred position without too much restriction.

Kong Cuddler Pet Bed

The cuddler design of this dog bed uses high bolsters to provide extra comfort and security. Pups can snuggle against these bolsters as they nap and feel secure in a den-like environment. Like other Kong beds, this model features reinforced seams and a ripstop fabric to prevent tears. The slip-resistant bottom also helps keep the mattress in place.

Kong Orthopedic Mat Pet Bed

The orthopedic foam filling of this dog bed sets this model apart from other Kong beds. Although the other products have soft fiber filling that is comfortable for younger dogs, they may not be suitable for seniors with arthritic joints. Foam filling helps reduce pressure points to limit joint pain. This flat design is also perfect for large dogs who like to sleep stretched out.

Kong Lounger Pet Bed

This lounger pet bed emphasizes comfort with soft materials that provide a warm and comfortable sleeping surface. If you have a dog that is easy on his beds, he may not need other models’ extra durability. The overstuffed pillow in this lounger has fiber filling highlighted by plush fabric that is perfect for curling up and taking a nap.

Final Thoughts

Kong dog beds offer the same quality and durability as the company’s favorite chew toys. Although this brand offers a limited range of models, the available styles can suit dogs with various needs. If you have an enthusiastic dog who loves chewing and napping, consider investing in a Kong dog bed for long-lasting comfort.